The Spanish National Post Office is asking you to slow down

Correos, the state-owned postal service in Spain, created this enigmatic ad to ask us all to ‘Whoa, humans, whoa’

The star of the beautifully shot ad is a white horse, who looks on serenely as a series of humans are shown dashing about, eating on the run, or losing the plot when they can’t get what they want, when they want it.

Created by Madrid-based agency Mono, the spot was released towards the end of last year, addressing Black Friday and Christmas, the biggest retail period of the year. As well as its overall message that we all need to chill out a bit, it ends by making the point that if we take our time and make less urgent deliveries, this will be more sustainable too.

Filmed entirely in black-and-white, the ad takes an unexpectedly arty approach for a postal service. Its message feels at odds with the current vogue of delivery services too, which tend to emphasise their ability to offer next day, or even same day, delivery.

But it’s hard to deny the power of its message of responsibility in the face of climate change. Perhaps it’s time we all took heed of the white horse’s wise words and slowed the heck down.

Creative Agency: Mono Madrid
CCOs: Sito Morillo, Bitan Franco, Nando Vega Olmos
Creatives: David Manzano, Mario Mínguez, Esther Matas, Irene San José.
Production company: Lee Films
Director: Sega
DOP: Charly Gómez
Post: Lee Films / Estudios La Panadería
Music: Chaco Music House