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Users are asked to fill out an online survey to reveal their own ‘slavery footprint’ in this clever mechanism for bringing the global problem of worker exploitation home to all of us


The Slavery Footprint website aims to draw attention to how our individual consumption feeds ‘slavery’ in the supply chain. The site, created by US agency Muh.Tay.Zik/Hof.Fer in collaboration with digital production company Unit9, was commissioned by anti-slavery organisation Call + Response, with funding from the US Department of State, Office on Human Trafficking. It is centred on a simple question: ‘How many slaves work for you?’.

Users receive an answer to this question after replying to a series of simple enquries about their personal consumption, covering all aspects of their life. The questions are articulated using charming graphics, making the website engaging and absorbing to use. After completing the questionnaire, and being presented with their slave count, users are encouraged to sign up for tips on how to lower it, and how to lobby brands to be more responsible.

Associated with the Slavery Footprint website is the Made In A Free World app, which helps consumers be more aware of what they are buying into when shopping.

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