Courier takes us through its uplifting magazine redesign

The magazine for businesses and startups has launched a refresh to coincide with its 50th issue. We hear from the design and editorial teams about how they’re tackling its shift in focus

“Historically the magazine represented every touchpoint of the brand and felt like it had to do everything, all at once,” says Kate McInerney, creative director of business and startup magazine Courier. Ten years in, the purpose of Courier’s print publication has shifted as the brand, acquired by Mailchimp several years ago, has grown. “With the new design, we leant into this idea of pure inspiration for people who want to work and live on their terms,” says McInerney.

It’s this uplifting take on the working world that underpins Courier’s new direction, unveiled in its 50th issue, which boasts a playfulness and emphasis on culture that feels more in keeping with lifestyle magazines than fusty business titles. Gone are the coverlines on money, business, and hustle, and in their place is bright cover imagery that’s given space to shine. It reflects Courier’s reimagining of how it “represents success in the modern economy”, which the magazine is now framing through the lens of art and design, food and drink, entrepreneurship, fashion and travel.