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A round-up of the finest album artwork we’ve spotted in the past few weeks, including some beautiful watercolour images from Kate Copeland and an Ezra Pound-inspired design by Caspar Newbolt for 65daysofstatic.

A round-up of the finest album artwork we’ve spotted in the past few weeks, including some beautiful watercolour imagery from Kate Copeland and an Ezra Pound-inspired design by Caspar Newbolt for 65daysofstatic.


First up is the cover design for Chrvches’s debut album, The Bones of What You Believe. The Scottish band’s striking logo and visual identity were designed by their friend, Amy Burrows.

“We wanted something that echoed the intent of the music: something striking, iconic, populist yet with complexity. Something with classic or retro leanings yet forward-looking and modern. Given how picky and hands-on we as a band can be with our visual identity, it was a tough brief but Amy totally ‘got’ where we were coming from and throughout the campaign singles, EP and album, she managed to create a design concept with a coherent visual theme and identity and one which is unmistakeably Chvrches,” explains band member Ian Cook.

Label: Virgin/Glassnote

Daniel Avery – Drone Logic

The beautiful watercolour artwork on Daniel Avery’s debut album, Drone Logic, was designed by illustrator Kate Copeland.

The woman in the artwork is based on French actress, Brigitte Bargot, she says.“Daniel was inspired by the aesthetic of her era and also by album artwork such as Primal Scream’s Some Velvet Morning, with illustrations by Julie Verhoeven, juxtaposing a delicate female figure against strong mark making and distortion,” she adds.

Label: Phantasy


Graphic designer and Version Industries co-founder Caspar Newbolt produced the artwork for 65daysofstatic’s sixth album, Wild Light. (Newbolt also created the cover for We Were Exploding Anyway and wrote an interesting article on designing for the band for Drowned in Sound, which you can read here). The design is inspired by the band’s “socio-political mindset,” says Newbolt, and literature they had been reading at the time such as Ezra Pound’s poem In a Station of the Metro.

“I’d had the demos for the songs for a while and around the time I received the above documents from the band I’d been given a near final version of the album. What struck me immediately was that whilst minimal in its conception, cinematically speaking the sounds on the record created some incredibly beautiful, richly coloured and vibrant images in my head…Appropriately adopting where possible various lines in supremacist, futurist and imagist visual thinking, I created a wide-format piece that I felt resonated with the music as much as with those old explorations of artistic expression,” he says.

Label: Superball Music

King Krule – 6 Feet Beneath the Moon

6 Feet Beneath the Moon is London teenager King Krule’s debut album. The cover was designed by his brother, Jack Marshall, a member of illustration collective Thirst. Thirst has also designed some great gig posters and a website for the 19-year-old – see more of their work here.

Label: XL Recordings

Moodoid – Moodoid EP

Moodoid is the side project of Parisian director and musician Pablo Padovani, who is also the guitarist for Melody Prochet’s touring music project, Melody’s Echo Chamber. The psychedelic illustration for his self-titled EP was created by Central Saint Martins graduate Gabriel Weber, who’s also worked on artwork for French band Caandides.

Label: Enterprise

Evol Ai – Dark Disco

Evol Ai’s Dark Disco is the tenth release from German label Compost Records’s subsidiary, Compost Disco. Artist Benjamin Roeder has designed the artwork for each, mostly using the same witty photographic style.

Emiliana Torrini – Tookah

Icelandic singer Emiliana Torrini co-designed the cover art for her latest album with Ali Taylor Mapletoft, a former music video director who now runs accessories brand Age of Reason. Philip Laslett designed the inside layout. (Portrait photography by Claire Pepper).

Label: Rough Trade Records

Crystal Stilts – Nature Noir

The artwork for Crystal Stilt’s debut album Nature Noir was created by the band’s drummer, Keegan Cooke. Cooke screen prints packaging for the band’s record label, Sacred Bones.


Manchester band The 1975’s debut album features a lovely shot of their logo in neon lights against a black background. The cover image was conceived by The 1975 and Universal’s Jamie Oborne and Lisa Ward. The neon graphics were designed by Samüel Johnson, built by A1 and photographed by David Drake.

The lighting featured in the shot was on display at Universal’s London HQ, but has since been replaced with an installation promoting LA band HAIM’s album, Days are Gone.

If you design album art and would like to submit your work, contact, or leave a comment if you’ve spotted any other great examples.

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