COY! Communications: A Large Evil Corporation identity

Mark Denton’s design firm badges a very friendly production company

“A Large Evil Corporation is [despite the title] a small Bath-based animation company full of nice people,” says Mark Denton of COY! Communi-cations, who designed a corporate identity for them. “It was Rory McGaskill, who was working at [ad agency] Fallon at the time, who came up with the name,” says Denton, “but we decided to go with it.” The identity revolves around images of fictional employees sitting at their desks and the specially shot characters will feature on business cards, letterheads and other branded material. “Of course, our chosen cast were mostly lovely to start with,” explains Denton, “but, with the right styling, authentic lighting and some ‘insincere’ direction, the evil was coaxed out of them.”

Photography: Sean and Ben

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