CR and Tate Britain collaborate to mark Vorticism exhibition

Creative Review and Tate are teaming up to bring you a Tumblr inspired by Blast, the short-lived but influential journal of the Vorticists art movement. What’s more, we’re planning our next tweetup…

Blast War Number: Review of the Great English Vortex, July 1915 (Edited by Wyndham Lewis) The Poetry Collection, State University of New York at Buffalo © Wyndham Lewis and the estate of Mrs G A Wyndham Lewis by kind permission of the Wyndham Lewis Memorial Trust (a registered charity)

I’m pleased to announce that Creative Review and Tate are teaming up to bring you a Tumblr inspired by Blast, the short-lived but influential journal launched by Wyndham Lewis to support Vorticism, an avant-garde art movement being celebrated in Tate Britain’s new exhibition, The Vorticists: Manifesto for a Modern World. (The Tumblr design is by CR’s Laura Liggins, and was implemented by Mark Hume, of You, Me and Everyone.)

For the Tumblr we are inviting submissions on the themes of ‘Blast’ and ‘Bless’, terms at the core of the Vorticist manifesto published in Blast 1. If it helps, think of it as a cultural, early 20th century Hot or Not. We’re inviting you to take two subjects, one you feel deserves to be blasted and one blessed, and to create work around these. This could be as simple as an illustrator drawing a picture of two figures, one a hero and one a villain, or a far broader interpretation. And we’re open to all formats. Graphics, photography, film, animation, digital art… In fact, we’ve already had a few early doors submissions:


Johanna Basford’s clever take on the Blast/Bless theme.


Abigail Daker’s Tumblr submissions. Obviously she’s no stranger to Vorticism.


Daniel Gray throws down the gauntlet to all would-be wordsmiths and designers alike, with this excellent entry.

So what would you Blast or Bless about today? Join in the fun at

Did someone say tweetup?
And if that wasn’t more delight than you can shake a stick at, there’s more! All this Tumblr action is taking place in the build up to the next Creative Review twitter gathering. This is – perhaps unsurprisingly if you were paying attention earlier – going to be taking place at Tate Britain, where we’ll be unveiling our favourite ‘Blast’ and ‘Bless’ (and giving them away as A2 double-sided prints to our guests, produced courtesy of MTA Digital).

Yiyying Lu’s ‘Lifting a Dreamer’ aka the ‘Fail Whale’

Last year’s tweetup at the Design Museum was a great success, and we’ve been working hard to make sure the activities at this one will be just as memorable. We’re not going to let you in on all that we’ve got planned until the night, but interactive production company Specialmoves (who partnered with W+K on the new Kaiser Chiefs site we featured on the blog a couple of weeks ago) are creating a special little something for us, and there’ll be a craft corner with a twist, documented for us on the night by photographer Jonathan Minster.

If you fancy coming along, email Laura McQueen with your name, twitter name and what you do. Due to the expected demand though, please only email if you can definitely make it on July 21, and if you have a friend or partner who would like to come too, please get them to email us separately with their details (don’t worry, we’re not going to do an Olympics Ticketing fiasco, but we need to know people genuinely want to attend and aren’t being strong-armed into it). NB The hashtag for the evening is #crtateup.

Don’t forget, you can submit to the Blast/Bless Tumblr here.


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