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Saving Lives And Losing Lives

Poster from World War Two by Abram Games, Courtesy: Wellcome Library, London
As the economy plunges, optimists are clinging to the truism that great creativity comes out of times of recession. A new show at London’s Wellcome Collection links innovation to the hardest times of all – war.

Do not try this at home

Daito Manabe, a Japanese artist and programmer suffers for his art in his latest project: the catchily named “electric stimulus to face – test 3”. Via a range of strategically placed electrodes, Manabe’s face is made to twitch in time with one of his own digital compositions. While admiring the captivating effects this produces, it does you a slightly itchy nose and we in no way recommend trying to have a go yourself. (Link: Andrew Sullivan).

And the BTACA winners are…

CR attended the British Television Advertising Craft Awards last night and witnessed Fallon’s Play Doh ad for Sony Bravia win in no less than four categories: Best Animation, Best Direction, Best Model Making and Best Use of Recorded Music (joint winner with Here Come The Girls ad for Boots by Mother). Play Doh also won The Panalux Award For Best Crafted Commercial Of The Year.
Read on to find out who won what…

Crunchy Nutters

Crunchy Nut Cornflakes ambient campaign, agency: JWT London, art director: Mark Norcutt, copywriter: Laurence Quinn, illustrator: Jon Hicks, photographer: Mike Russell
JWT London has created this unusual ambient campaign for Crunchy Nut Cornflakes. In an attempt to tempt customers to keep eating the cereal in autumn (sales traditionally drop off over the winter months as people switch to hot breakfasts), pavement artist Jon Hicks drew Kellogg’s bowls around London, before sweeping autumn leaves into them to emulate the cornflakes. Click through to see more images of Hicks making the drawings.

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