CR April Issue

Rick Poynor looks back over two decades of the Designers Republic plus, Spanish type case art, Alison Carmichael and our very own Mumbai taxi – all in the April issue of CR

Rick Poynor looks back over two decades of the Designers Republic plus, Spanish type case art, Alison Carmichael and our very own Mumbai taxi – all in the April issue of CR

April is our special issue on type and typography and all things letter-related. As detailed here, our cover features a Mumbai taxi covered in typography specially designed for the issue (watch an interview with the artists here)

We also have a profile of hand-lettering artist Alison Carmichael, whose work has a ribald charm that is proving very popular with ad agencies (hence the punning headline)

And a feature on the recent Art of Lost Words show in which selected designers and illustrators each based a piece on a word that is fast disappearing from the English language

Plus, from Barcelona, Jordi Duró and Meri Cuesta reveal how the remarkable ingenuity of Spanish printers gave rise to a unique form of modernist design

And Rick Poynor’s aforementioned tDR piece (which, in part, draws on his intro for the ill-fated, never-published-despite-what-they-said tDR book), which stretches over six pages and follows up our exclusive revelation that the studio had closed its doors earlier this year

Our subscriber-only Monograph this month features Synthesis, a series of organic forms created by Jeff Knowles

The April issue is on sale from 25 March. Next month: The Annual

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Formula One (& Fleetwood Mac) Is Back On BBC

Still of Liquid TV’s new BBC Formula One title sequence / onscreen branding
Die-hard Formula One fans will have been up early yesterday to watch the first event of the new season, the Australian Grand Prix which was broadcast on BBC – after several years of exclusive ITV coverage in the UK. Instead of the usual flurry of checquered flags, stock footage of races gone by, and dodgy photography of pit girls and racing drivers, the BBC’s new title sequence (created by Liquid TV) is a mainly CG affair that looks to have been inspired by high octane video games and movie car chases. And, perhaps most reassuringly of all, the new title sequence and on screen branding is accompanied by the tune the BBC has used for previous Formula One coverage: Fleetwood Mac’s ridiculously catchy tune, The Chain – the bassline of which, no doubt, F1 fans all over Britain are now humming incessantly. Click through to see the new title sequence…


Designers from Freeman Christie spotted this bewildering list of charges in an Oxford car park. But, instead of just moaning about the sign, they designed a better one

Saville at D&AD

Peter Saville on what’s wrong with design education in the UK
It’s a double dose of Peter Saville on the CR blog today, as we bring you some highlights of the Q&A section of his President’s Lecture for D&AD, which took place in Logan Hall in London last week. Saville discussed a variety of topics, ranging from his recent contemporary art projects to what he thinks of Banksy. Watch clips of the talk here.

Goodby, Silverstein & Partners: Comcast Town

This new series of ads for service provider Comcast uses delightful 3D animation mixed with live action to create Comcast Town, an imaginary world that illustrates all the connect­ivity and entertainment the brand offers

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