CR Blog hosts new Cinematic Orchestra film

Still from To Build A Home, a new film by Up The Resolution created for The Cinematic Orchestra’s forthcoming DVD, Ma Fleur
Here at CR, we get sent dozens of music promos every week. And most, to be perfectly honest, tend towards a predictable and frankly uninspiring formula as overstyled youths bounce around in a studio/street/park playing their instruments as a singer, usually lacking in charisma, good looks and sartorial elegance, mimes vocals to camera (yawn). Or worse, an aging, muscly popstar jumps around like she’s 21 wearing a leotard (for the love of all that is good in the world, make it stop, make it stop).
Refreshingly, a new video by Up The Resolution for Ninja Tune act, The Cinematic Orchestra – entitled To Build A Home – avoids clichéd music video formulas. Instead it combines beautiful cinematography with a talented cast of actors and an emotionally harrowing story line. The film is also unusual in that the soundtrack consists of two, rather than the usual one, track…
We’re delighted to announce that the CR blog is hosting, right here, right now, the very first screening of To Build A Home. Read on to view the film and to read a Q&A with director Andrew Griffin (UTR’s Griff) about the project…