Cadbury’s Dairy Milk: Gorilla

Woah Lord!
Debuting on UK TV tonight, a new spot for Cadbury’s Dairy Milk looks set to lodge a certain Phil Collins “classic” well and truly into the collective short-term memory. Seriously, anyone who happens to be watching Big Brother this evening and clocks this fantastic minute-and-a-half spot from Fallon will be unconsciously pumping their fists and going “Woah Lord” til the early hours. You can watch it here.

Woah Lord!

Debuting on UK TV tonight, a new spot for Cadbury’s Dairy Milk looks set to lodge a certain Phil Collins “classic” well and truly into the collective short-term memory. Seriously, anyone who happens to be watching Big Brother this evening and clocks this fantastic minute-and-a-half spot from Fallon will be unconsciously pumping their fists and going “Woah Lord” til the early hours. You can watch it here.

Gorilla is the first in what’s set to be a series of ads that aim simply, as the Cadbury’s “Glass and a Half” website has it, “to make you smile” – in the same way the choccy bar does, of course.

The film (written and directed by Sony Balls creative director Juan Cabral) features some lovely touches – the hairy fellow even sports a studio ear-piece – and his facial expressions as the spot reaches its crescendo are a work of genius. Enjoy (we’ve embedded the film below).

Agency: Fallon
Creative director/copywriter: Juan Cabral

  • Ian Clarke

    This ad is simply going to clean up at the awards. It’s Perfect.

  • Did I miss something?

    Well yes, it’s vaguely amusing and quite well done (and I don’t work in the field of advertising), but…

    what is its point? I know critically acclaimed advertising rarely relates to the subject its selling, but isn’t this merely lazy design without a message? It’ll get people talking and win everything going no doubt, but it smacks of someone’s just watched a few episodes of “The Mighty Boosh” to me and cashing in on the 1980’s (and therefore Phil Collins) being “ironically cool” right now…

  • Absolutely pointless.
    SO much fun.

    Which is kinda the point.

  • Why are non-sequiturs so often hailed as brilliant?

    The only way this becomes effective advertising if it it becomes a series of ads and Cadbury chocolate becomes synonymous with musical primates, like Taco Bell is synonymous with talking Chihuahuas–thus making this branding. Which I doubt is what Cadbury should be going for since premium chocolate has a different target audience than cheap mexican food, e.g. women looking to treat themselves vs. stoned college students with the munchies.

    Thus making this ad a pointless act of masturbation by the agency.

  • Neil T

    Cleverest viral idea ever. Smart stuff!

  • Ros

    Um, what does the monkey have to do with the chocolate bar??? How in the world did Fallon sell this to the client?

  • R Walsh

    The advert is not meant to be relevant to the product, it’s to simply “to make you smile”, and it certainly made me smile. I haven’t saw an advert for so long, that captured me the moment my eyes fell upon it, and didn’t let me go until the end. It’s brilliant!

  • tara wright

    It does what it intended to do:
    I think this is one of the best adverts i have seen for a long time, it has even made me search the web so i can watch it again as it is not been shown often enough,
    Well done…

  • Anyone who things this advert isn’t great either knows too much, or not enough about advertising!

    It’s brought a smile to many a consumer’s face, and sparked debate about it. That makes it seem successful to me!

  • Adrien Montagne

    It’s certainly good communication when you have to ‘explain’ your ads on a website. Why don’t add a 10 sec clip of Juan himself explaining the ad every time they show it?

    Fallon is SO overrated right now.

    If you think i’m bitter or jealous of their apparent success, you just aren’t getting me at all. Of course, you could go to my website for a full explanation.

  • Simply brilliant! The facial and other expressions really touched me.. It’s like Phil Collins in a monkey-suit.
    And for the discusion if it doet what is is meant to do: Yes, it made me smile happy like a child in a toystore..

  • J Taylor

    It was well executed but it was just a random ‘sketch clip’. Saying it makes you smile, like a chocolate bar does, is just a cop out. Beer makes me smile, big loud speakers make me smile, holidays make me smile, high-def television makes me smile, Vanilla Teamakes me smile – that doesn’t automatically mean that the adverts for all these products should be random outtakes from Big Train, Vic & Bob or in this case Boosh. Without the lead-in this advert could finish with anything from a government Get the Job You Want strapline or it could be for Um-Bongo – that just seems lazy.

  • Hey pues a mí sí que me gusta este anuncio..
    Se sale del cliché decirnos lo bueno que es el chocolate para mostrarnos a un jocoso gorila disfrutando de la música que es lo que más le gusta. De hehco el que sea un gorila es llamativo, me recuerda a una película infantil y también al grupo Gorillaz.
    Lo dicho unido a lo que se va a comentar este anuncio en la prensa será suficiente para que funcione como una bonita campaña viral de esas que tanto nos gustan..

  • Sebu

    Imagine the balls it takes to buy this campaign. With todays valuetests etc, there are not many who would do that. But on the otherhand everyone who sees this will remember it. What were the values of the Bravia-balls ad?

  • Dan

    I think the idea of the drumming to “In the air tonight” is to represent the pure pleasure of eating dairy milk (not that I’m a fan of chocolate). Phil Colins was a great drummer and “in the air tonight” (if you’re a drummer), is a great song to drum to because it has a simple powerful drumbeat. The intro to the song shows the gorilla clearing his mind and psyching himself up for three and a half minutes of pure drumming pleasure, I guess that ties in with the glass and a half campaign. Though why they decided to have a gorilla rather than a man I don’t know, I guess it would have been a bit boring if it was just a bloke drumming. Anyway I think it’s a great advert, but I’m not sure if anyone who isn’t a drummer will get it.

  • Sebu

    There definitely has to be a gorilla. It keeps you interested for a whole minute (before the actual action). There could have been a fat bloke or an old lady, but a gorilla is far more interesting. But the dramaturgy, is the key element here. You can feel that there is something in the air tonight. The gorilla is so focused and when he goes off on the drums, hes facial expression and the movements, combined with the song just makes the arena explode. Is it funny? I think it is, but humour is very subjective and nuances are very hard to explain verbally. So either you feel it or then not.

  • michael francis

    My children almost wet their pants when they watched this..there has been a lack of great adverts for a few years…there used to be an outstanding ad every few months a couple of years ago…

  • graham mitchell

    I can’t understand the comments of those who think that this is ineffective as a marketing tool, as a peice of TV this is brilliant. The way they have turned a classic song and drummer (anyone else spot phils ubiquitous ear piece?) into a moment of genius is perfect. It has certainly made me ask everyone i work with “if they have seen the new dairy milk advert” As a way of hitting back from the salmonella controversy, not a bad way to kick off a new campaign. Well done Cadbury’s

  • John B

    Three days after the ad debuts and Google has at least 54,200 search listings for it !
    Advertising doesn`t have to be about the product – it needs to attract the most attention possible and gain publicity for the product by association.
    This is the best new ad for ages…….We`ve had a particularly dire couple of years with pathetic punchline ads ( “think pink”…….”the gesture of love” ) etc which were antique in style 40 years ago. This CDM Gorilla ad is original and refreshing. Hopefully it will introduce a new era of quality TV advertising.
    Remember the Guinness White Horses ad ? It wasn`t about Guiness but sold an awful lot of Irish stout.

  • les

    fantastic add whan you can make a bloke ?? look so good close up .as for those who cant see the revilace to good old choco than your a no brainer as there is not one its just a great add with cadbureys on the end and you remember that so the adds done its job well done cadburys on a entertaing add

  • Mick Connor

    The point of this ad is not to make you buy chocolate; it’s an exercise in brand awareness, which it has to be said it achieves very well if this debate is anything to go by. But, I feel Cadbury are losing their way with regard to their brand identity. Their recent atempt to bring Dairy Milk to the forefront of the Cadbury brand has failed miserably and has only served to dilute its other products strengths. A brand must have a personality, and with little ‘art director’s ego trip’ it has told the world it has schizophrenia. Come on Cadbury’s, get a grip.

  • Patrick

    Branding or no, I’ll buy a Cadbury bar just because this made me laugh. It’s also taken the brand a big step out of the stodgy English/creme eggs at Easter image it has with me (I’m in the U.S.). Bravo!

  • jon

    its good advert. but has no relation to the product at all.

  • Is everyone not missing the point here a little bit? It’s about “moments”, the gorilla is waiting for his “moment” to shine. This will be one in a series focusing on moments is my bet. Just like the moment of eating a chocolate bar – chemical rush, satisfying etc…

    Plus it’s damn funny and visually appealing. So it does both jobs over time.

    Fallon are “overrated” in the industry because no one comes close to them for creating ads that work properly. Jealousy is a nasty thing. And no, I don’t work there!!! :)

  • Lee

    Brilliant ad! It’s rare I take notce of ads these days but this one made me stop, rewind and watch it again and again. I even remember who/what it’s for – even rarer. May not be relevant but who care’s? It’s fun and it puts a smile on your face. Nice one!

  • MLA

    A long comment, but one you will hopefully find of interest.

    As a supplement to the post it is interesting to note the simplification of the packaging, if not the entire approach to branding. This may be an emerging strategy for global identities (note the new coca-cola can design in the printed instance of CR (September 2007) and the return to a flattened apple sign ( Gone are the ever evolving and overt complexities that sought to distance the product from competitors (3-dimensional, drop shadow, highlights, hyper-realist illustrations etc.). In these new designs the relations between imagery, logotype, brand name, and product, are made distinct but still retain a total identity. Thus for coca-cola, the can is reduced to a stark (1) red and white, (2) flat logotype (script), and (3) the ribbon. Similarly for cadbury’s and apple – for cadbury it’s (1) purple and white, (2) flat brand and logotype (which form a single swirling design), and (3) glass and a half being poured (into chocolate chunk), whilst for apple it’s (1) ‘fruity’ rainbow colours, (2) flat apple logo, and (3) and the Myriad typeface.

    But this is not a return to simplicity for the sake of some austere notion of ‘less is more’. Rather what these appearances seek to do is seize the ownership of specific sites and situations–to convince us of their truth. We can see that it is only those elements which are distinctly enforceable that are retained (e.g. legal trademarks). If competitors attempt to appropriate any of these elements they can expect a lengthy and expensive legal battle–one which the global brands can not only afford to endure, but may instigate where they wish to cripple the strategy of a smaller competitor (e.g. threaten to sue for failure to comply with their demands, knowing that the cost of defence, if lost, would deter all but the most determined).

    What these new designs attempt to do is define the line of visual proprietary, and make that territory acceptable and unquestionable. Hence this overtly restrictive legal sphere is offset with the illusion of an ‘open’, ‘shareable’ ‘community’, one greatly informed by the functionality and use of the internet (youtube, myspace, facebook, etc.). The fact that the gorilla video (although entertaining and very well produced and acted) has nothing to do with a branded chocolate should tell us something. Enamoured as we may be by these productions, we are inadvertently asked to spread the word of each brand idnetity, and in doing so we act as carriers of their corporate strategy. That strategy is to direct our attention toward pleasure–”I’ll buy a cadbury bar just because this made me laugh”–and ignore any critical concerns. Indeed it is a battle that seeks to make critique appear futile and overly ascetic. Thus, these companies not only seek to control creativity–to direct and dominate the limits of our creativity–but to make us complicit in that action.

  • paul

    absolutely stunning commercial . One of the best for a long time.

  • Chris Wilson

    Stunning ad; a real 3 in the morning idea.
    I can see it all now; sitting around a desk in the ad agency: “OK, any ideas for the CDM campaign”, long pause, sound of someone toking on a weapons grade spliff, slightly shorter pause, and then through a set of clenched teeth that don’t want to let any air out…”Yeah man, how about a Gorilla playing the drums”.

    One question though; who is the drummer in the ad?

  • Patrick Burgoyne

    “One question though; who is the drummer in the ad?”

    See here

  • Chris Wilson

    Thanks for the info.
    No wonder his Gorilla mannerisms are so good.

  • Chris

    Looks real similar to this West 49 spot that was out in Canada a few months ago.

    Available here.

    Makes you wonder…

  • harris

    surely the point of this ad is:

    you used to like gorillas, you still do.
    you used to like phil collins, you still do,
    you used to like cadbury’s dairy milk, you still do
    (even though it contains salmonella)

  • Sue

    What an absolutely stunning advert, Ilove it, so full of pure pleasure, what an excellent idea!

  • ray floyd

    brill add

  • Robin Hood

    I used to avoid Dairy Milk because it was a bit girly. I now buy Dairy Milk because it is cool, and I don’t feel girly with it anymore.

    Let’s not forget how adverts can work.

  • Aporia

    Let’s not forget how adverts can work against us.

  • Squalleternally

    Okay. seriously, LMA that long post, way too deep for me :P. but the ad rocks, and i dont care whether it relates to the product, and i dont beleive its lazy advertising on Fallons part. its a very clever, very engaging peice of television. and who doesnt like big phil collins?, and who wasnt momentarilly fooled by the Gorilla, and as for the glass and a half productions, i was onto the fact it was Cadbury’s eitherway. i just sat and enjoyed the amusing elements of it, some people arent light hearted enough to see it and enjoy it for what it is without picking at it…*sniff* sad really.


  • Aporia

    What would we call a person who knocked on our door, unannounced, managed to convince us they needed access to your abode, and then upon their departure we discover they’d ransacked our jewellery and money? A confidence trickster. We may be greatly upset, feel embarrassed at being so gullible and therefore seek to inform our community and the police in an attempt to stop them from doing this again.

    What if they came back the next day, but this time dressed as a Gorilla, and they performed a humorous drumming routine. Would we be so willing to allow the access to our private domain? Most certainly. We may be greatly impressed, feel uplifted at being so entertained and therefore seek to inform our community and the company in an attempt to encourage them to do this again.

    We should be wary of making such mistakes again, a wolf in gorilla’s clothing still delivers a glass half empty.

  • tony

    as a fan of phil collins, i found the clip very amusing and fun to watch .

  • I was half watching the King Kong film the other day, and had turned away to read a bit more of the paper. I looked back et the screen and there was this Gorilla, that I thought was sitting in the hold of the ship on his way from the island. Then I hear the music, and I’m thinking, ‘I don’t remember this being in the soundtrack’.
    So we end up having, what is not only one of the best adverts we’ve seen for a long while, with the best music since somebody used Jefferson Airplane’s ‘White Rabbit’ a few months ago, but the most appropriate slot for an advert

  • Gary

    how can i download it i love it

  • Donna Rowntree


    Would it be wrong to say that I was ever so slightly ‘attracted’ to the absolute matchoness of the gorilla???

    I watched it over and over again and kept being amused (and still ‘attracted’) to this magnificant beast playing the drums PERFECTLY!!!

    I dont like chocolate (yes, I know….!) but this made me think about it again..I must admit!!

    They have not invented the words to let you all know how wondefully brilliant I thought this advert was.

    I simply cant wait for the others in the series.

    I would love to meet the man in the suit!!!

    (Dont hate me!!)

  • Esther Quinn

    One of the funniest things I’ve seen in a long time and so well done! Please tell me … is it Phil?

  • Patrick Burgoyne

    Unfortunately not – see here

  • Richard

    “It does what it intended to do:
    I think this is one of the best adverts i have seen for a long time, it has even made me search the web so i can watch it again as it is not been shown often enough,
    Well done…
    Posted by tara wright on 01/09/07, 10:57 pm”

    I couldn’t have put it better myself, this advert is absolutely brilliant and i can’t wait for the next one in the series.

  • Dave

    Brilliant!!!!!!!! What more can one say!!!!

  • mirolle

    As a lover of Phil Collins AND Cadbury’s Dairy Milk this is a winner for me. The nuances on the gorilla’s face – brilliant! More please.

  • barry davies

    simply brilliant !!!!!

    makes you smile and feel happy

  • Tim Bannister

    The Cadbury == purple idea works nicely. It’s been done before (and to no ill effect); for example, Gordon’s Gin.

  • Aporia
  • louise lawson

    nice add fist song i put on is the add 1 nice going

  • i love this video so so much how do you do it i would love to download it but how?
    thankyou pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  • Pete Newman

    Only one thing to say about this Irrelevant add … “GREAT”


    u guys are all talkin. job done. Only Honda make better ads. cool.

  • Chocohollic & Co

    This will become a classic like the Dulux adverts with the old english sheep dog.

    Who needs scantily clad women/men drooling over a bar of chocolate – it doesn’t make me want to buy it.

    I’m sure Phill Collins will be having a chuckle at the send up!

    My kids and I just cant wait to see what the next advert will be.

    More please !!!

  • deborah

    so many ads begin well then after a very short space of time you grow bored with them-this ad is simply wonderful…….

  • Paul Edwards

    Well done! That’s the best ad I’ve ever seen for a bar of choccy! The facial expressions and the way he handles himself when he plays the drums is superb. Who’s the drummer dressed up as the ape ????????

  • rebecca

    who is it in the gorrilla suit

  • BladeRunner

    Brilliant! I love it almost as much as the Honda Cog advert (although even that wouldn’t make me desire a Honda)

    Audi’s RS4 spider was another good one recently…

    The CDM Gorrilla made me smile anyway…. unlike so many annoying adds these days!! like Cilit Bang for instance.. and do they understand the negative effects? I for one would never ever buy Cilit bang… even if it were the last product just like I won’t ever shop at Chavcos (tescos)

  • Niall Q.

    It just came to me today. I just figured out the meaning of this ad. It’s a minute and a half long. So it represents a minute and a half of joy=A glass and a half of milk goes into producing the chocolate. A lot of people don’t get it. GREAT AD.

  • Andy Stidwill

    It’s simple: this is the best advert for 10 years.

    I can remember some very good adverts before that, in the 80s and early 90s, but since then it’s been very poor – until this.

  • rholiday

    great song, lasting impressions, thats all that really matters.

  • Claire Stevie Karrell

    What makes this Ad completely amazing in my opinion? The fact that no body in my house can ever sit still and just watch the advert. Everyone just HAS to join in and pretend that they are drumming as well. It is especially amusing seeing my 84 year old Nan pretend to be playing along thinking that no one is watching. Brilliant!

  • Ian Leask

    have any noticed something?

    the advert has worked!

    not because of the advert but becase no one expected this to come from Cadbury’s. as meny people have already said chocolate, dairy milk, etc. so the final stage of this advert is in place. next time you are in a shop and fancy a chocolate bar which BRAND stands out???

    and by talking about it makes the advert imprint even deeper.

  • S wait

    I think the ad is surreal not because it’s weird but because it embodies everything Andre Breton the founder of Surrealism believed in.

    The Gorilla represents Humans primitive emotions that have been repressed since we evolved, and people still regard primates as our closest link to our ancestors.

    And the reason there is no chocolate actually advertisied is beacuse surrealism is about selling a destination. The build up in the music represents the anticipation of the “glass and a half full of joy”
    When you bite into the chocolate and feel happy is illustrated by the drums and energy expressed by the Gorilla and music.

    This whole ad is about creating another world and the Gorilla is lost in the moment of playing the drums, representing how eating cadburys will allow you a few moments to escape and enjoy the break.

  • luv it!!!! funki gorilla he is mii friend!

  • It’s brilliant because no one can understand it, but it still lodges in people’s minds (in fact, maybe that helps). It has nothing, apart from purple, to do with Dairy Milk but it is still inseparable from the product being advertised.

  • esther

    Don’t care about the chocolate … gave it up years ago … its the gorilla does it for me every time!

  • bob sinclare

    this was good

  • consultant


    This is a brillant ad. Can some send me this as a file or let me know where I can download it.


  • ian jones

    this is the bogs dollocks, the ad makes me smile every time congrats on a brilliant idea

  • JB

    My baby loved it… it must mean something! If its so talked about it matters not if we noticed the brand. Cadbury is popular enough to make me buy it without any advert. But thanks for the reminder and the little humor.