Julian Perretta’s interactive music video

devilfish has made an interactive music video for Julian Perretta’s track Ride My Star…

devilfish has made an interactive music promo for musician Julian Perretta‘s track Ride My Star in which you, the viewer, can watch yourself, filmed by your computer’s webcam, “holding” the 3d pop-up style animation in your hands…

The idea is that you print off a special “tracker” image which you then hold up for your computer’s webcam to pick up. The tracker looks like this:

Then the 3d, pop-up-book style content of the video appears, in glorious, spatial 3d as if you’re holding it. Here’s a demo of someone “watching” the video:

“We used a combination of Flash and Papervision to create the 3d scenarios,” explains devilfish. “This was then developed in Augmented Reality, which uses Flash, your webcam and a special printed “icon” (tracker) to create a fully immersive, interactive video.”

The pop-up book designs were created by London based design studio Blacionica. Zerofractal Studios from Colombia animated the video, developed the groundbreaking Augmented Reality experience and created the accompanying interface.

The icon/tracker will be handed out as part of a flyer at dates on Julian’s tour supporting Girls Aloud. It can also be downloaded from Julian Peretta’s website: julianperretta.com where you can also watch / experience the video. You’ll need Flash 10 and a webcam for it to work to its full potential!

Client: Laura Kirkpatrick, Columbia Records
Digital agency: devilfish
Creative director: Matt Cole
Agency producer: Kate Bush
Design: Blacionica
Developers: Zerofractal Studios


    Seen this shit done in exactly this style 2 times already this month and it was boring enough the first time.


  • Moltomenial

    Yeah of course, because once a technique has been used you can never exploit it again or try to improve on it right?


  • Camila

    Jamtasia, what a nice music video by … emm … Nissan???

    Cool stuff!

  • jimmy big nuts

    Tired technique…move on… as for exploiting it again, er no its been executed in exactly the same way as the rest.


  • Brian Brianstein

    I’d love to see all these other fully animated, 3 minute, multi-scenario, augmented reality music-vids with active physics you’re so familiar with. Can you provide me with links?

    Oh and FAIL? Really? What are you, twelve years old?

  • Bilbo Baggins

    Looks pretty shit hot to me.

  • Schnabz

    i’m impressed. obviously not everyone is, but it’s a thousand times better than the tripe you see on MTV. i like this. a watch this space concept clearly. people like getting involved, end of.

  • lewis dodson

    lets not turn the comments into somthing like youtube eh, or it could get a bit ugly. Personally this is the first time ive seen somthing like this to this standard so im throwing both my thumbs in the up position, cracking stuff.

  • Looking back through some old posts. had a look at this video, the crazy amonut of work that goes into 3.38 of video is a mad thing. The funny thing is I not sure I would have it any other way, if it was easy to make videos like this then us creatives would have no work.