Yes, it’s the Pet Shop Boys special boxed vinyl edition

The limited edition vinyl box set of Pet Shop Boy’s Yes album, designed by Farrow, in all its multicoloured glory

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Regular readers of this blog may recall we posted about Farrow’s design work for Pet Shop Boy’s album Yes, earlier in the year. In that original post we showed the standard release but mentioned a forthcoming limited edition vinyl version of the album – which we can now show you photos of…

A collaboration between Farrow and the Pet Shop Boys, and produced by The Vinyl Factory, this version of the album sees its eleven tracks split over eleven separate super-heavyweight 200-gram vinyl records with exclusive b-side instrumentals, each in a coloured sleeve, all housed in a smoked, handmade Perspex case. These sleeves can be arranged like this:

Or, if you’ve got the space, like this:

Also included in the box set is a twelfth, white sleeve, which contains a fine art giclee print, hand signed and numbered by the Pet Shop Boys themselves, plus a credit sheet. There are only 300 copies of the box set worldwide and one will cost you £300.

Visit for full details and to order a copy.

  • Reminds me of New Order / Peter Saville.

  • Sold out already. I cried.

  • Beautiful!

  • Stu

    Very nice, I’d prefer to have it without the actual records in it though…

  • rad

  • instrumentals – nice touch

  • Peter

    For some time now PSB have dilligently crafted some very fine work and – at all times maintained a degree of finesse in their presentation and astute marketing. The b sides being orchestral ( and Jealousy being my favourite 12″ mix ) I have to differ from Stu and say what a remarkable piece of workmanship it is. I will say – no I do not think everything by PSB is brilliant but when they shine they illuminate the universe . Yes it is a brilliant package- what a pity that we can’t get a copy of those 12″ – albeit plain sleeves ina budget set – because I am sure like Potemkin there is some brilliant moments on there – in a field that I cannot really thinkl of anyone else pondering into. NB . Nope – cds – DON”T CUT it and NO – not everybody wants to handle records rough like a cool as dj ata record fair.

  • Chance


  • Lipkson

    Good! SoBeautiful.

  • Frank

    I am Frank from Argentine, for me this pack i the better that i see in my life, because of the materials and the songs are very nice

  • Andy

    Is there any plan to release the instrumental versions on cd, I would love to buy them

  • ALFINA Wilson

    Wish I could afford it… If nothing else, just knowing that my Brothers deserved the hard-earned cash that this collection brought.

  • erika

    Farrow is great!

  • Eugenia

    I´m Eugenia from Argetina. I only say one thing: Artists, in music and in image. Brilliant!!!!!

  • Etienne Muller

    It’s nice to know that there is Pet Shop Boys instrumental tracks that we, the normal middle class economy earners who bought every album and single of the PSB, will never hear because it’s only meant for the rich person’s ear. Thanks. I feel great supporting you guys since the early eighties.
    Etienne Muller

  • Bruno

    i have this box. the artwork concept and the music are perfect!
    considering the minnor details and materials used, the box is NOT worth: very expensive but very poor quality/manufacturing.