Voxel by Ubik

Directing-duo Ubik made a short film for New York’s f5 festival featuring water made from 3D pixels

London-based directing duo Ubik have posted their latest short film, Voxel, up online. It was made for last month’s f5 festival in New York and features rippling water, rain showers and various organic shapes made from 3D pixels



“Our intention from the outset was to make something experimental, technically challenging, slightly ethereal and for reasons we can’t quite remember – they made sense at the time – set in an empty swimming pool,” say Ubik.

The piece was made at the request of Motionographer, the organisers of the f5 festival. “There was no real brief just a few reference words: ‘refresh, renewal, rejuvenation’,” say Ubik.

“We had been playing around with the idea of making a film using 3D pixels, or voxels, where we could describe and animate organic shapes and forms using simple cubes, and this seemed like the perfect opportunity to give it a go.”

Ubik are represented by Not to Scale for commercials and music videos.

Director: Ubik
Concept and visualisation: Ubik, John-Paul Harney
Technical director: John-Paul Harney
Producer: Josephine Gallagher
Executive producer: Daniel O’Rourke
Production assistant: Kelly Ford
Director of photography: Simon Paul
Camera assistants: Geoff Robbins, Sky Sharrock
Stills photography: Robin Brigham, Paul Allen
Colourist: Ben Rogers at Glassworks
Technical support: Luke Allen
Soundtrack: A Drifting Up by Jon Hopkins from the album Insides, courtesy of Double Six Records, Domino Records



  • Very nice indeed, only thing that bothers me is some of the objects look like their data sources are anti aliased, at 0:54 its causing that recurring on/off pattern of pixels as it moves from one z-pixel to the next. I’ve seen a similar problem when turning antialiased graphics into a virtual LCD display.

  • william

    oh man, this BEGS for some motion tracking. would have been cooler imo.