Football + Guitar Hero = new Kasabian promo

Sony Music has created a film in which footballers use their ball skills – instead of small plastic replica guitars – to control a specially created Guitar Hero style game. Why? To promote Kasabian’s single, Underdog…

Sony Music, in partnership with Umbro, has combined Guitar Hero style game-play with football to create a new game called Football Hero – to promote Kasabian‘s new single, Underdog.

But this isnt’ a game you’ll be able to play at home… Football hero was created as a three-storey high game in a West London warehouse where instead of pressing buttons on a plastic replica guitar, footballers had to hit coloured buttons on a wall several yards away in time to a fret board display projected above…

“The freestyle footballers were headed up by Woody & Kleiny who starred in the documentary In The Hands Of The Gods and also appeared on Britain’s Got Talent,” explains Sony Music’s Phil Clandillon. “The game was powered by the open source Guitar Hero clone Frets On Fire –  and we used two enormous projectors to create a three story high image on the side of the warehouse wall.

“The coloured buttons on the typical guitar controller were replaced by five huge pressure sensitive pads which were carefully positioned on the wall in order to line up with the game’s descending notes,” he continues. “Each of the pads contained a piezoelectric vibration sensor, and these were wired back to an Arduino, which in turn was connected to the MacBook Pro we used to run the software. The footballers had to try to hit the pads in time with the music in order to play the Kasabian track Underdog.”

There’s also a short behind the scenes film:

Production company: PTE
Directors: Dan and Julian

  • Evan

    what a waste of five ardunio chips

  • I wonder why they chose this to promote Kasabian’s new single? Or is it a joint promotion alongside Guitar Hero?

  • turgid aural wallpaper forming a background for some nonsense about a lugheaded sport while referencing a computer game popular with idiots. so much to despise in one place – marvellous.

  • Ted

    I’d like to kick Kasabian too.

  • Nice campaign. But I dont get the message:)

  • Charlie

    I LOVE THIS!!!!

  • n

    It’s not Guitar Hero and it’s not custom made, it’s called ‘Frets on Fire’ and is a free to play PC version of the popular title. Just an FYI :)

  • millie

    what a clumsy f*k*n mess… = kasabian

  • why was kasabian even involved in this? would have been more enjoyable if they stripped down the production values, made it a little bit more homemade and had it just as a promo just between umbro and the ‘hero’ franchise…

  • Sam

    It’s not that offensive, you all need to relax. Whether you like or hate Kasabian, football or guitar hero (I like none of them), it’s a creative idea so well done to them.

  • Svetlana

    who’s the trainer in red