Mmmm… meaty

Vegetarians look away now: Karmarama has recreated the famous Lord Kitchener poster in 16 types of meat in an ad for Colman’s Mustard

Vegetarians look away now: Karmarama has recreated the famous Lord Kitchener poster in 16 types of meat in an ad for Colman’s Mustard

The whole thing apparently took over 18 hours of cooking and was pieced together by food stylist Peta O’Brian, who also worked on Fallon’s Skoda Cake ad.

The ad features the following:
Breaded Ham
Beef Carpaccio
Ginger Pig Bacon
Beef Skirt
Roast Duck
Chicken Breast
Fillet Steak
Beef Steak
Bacon Joint
Leg of Lamb
Plus duck wings for the ears.

The ad will run in men’s mags to promote “Colman’s as the best accompaniment to meat”.

We can’t decide if it’s grotesque, a colossal waste of good food or sheer genius. Or all of the above.


Creative agency: Karmarama
Creative team: Robin Temple, Tom Woodington
Artbuying and Production: Arjun Singh
Design: Mike Heath
Photographer: Carl Warner
Food Stylist: Peta O’Brian
Planner (creative agency): Sid McGrath

  • As far as I know, all food photography wastes food. I agree with All of the above.

  • a spoof right? or publicity through controversy? some ideas shouldn’t leave the napkin (no pun intended).

  • Tommy Genower

    Scary face, though the sausage hand is genius!

  • gary holmes

    what are the eyes made of, oh on 2nd thoughts I don’t want to know.

  • Unilever logo doesn’t fit so well, like the image though.

  • I liked the colman’s poster but not as much as this fella! –

  • As a lifelong carnivore, I am probably going to become vegetarian after looking at that.

    * Barfs

    Quite unoriginal too. An Italian meat company made scenic pictures out of slices of pig a year or so ago for their ad campaign. That one also made me want to vom.

  • nl

    It’s brilliant

  • AK

    it’s a little bit hammy but I like the meat of the idea

  • I don’t have a problem with it. We’re all just meat in the end, aren’t we? Buncha meatpuppets, that kinda thing. I mean, if you die and nobody finds you quickly enough, your cat will eat you. Why? Because you’re just delicious, delicious meat. :)

  • henrietta


  • I hope it was chopped up for special dog food in the end. Granted that all ingredients of this ad are edible.

  • Making me hungry – genius

  • lauren

    i love it… although i would also like to know what the eyes are made from lol.

  • fat bella

    doesnt make it look very appetising. is that the point, with colemans, anything becomes edible? even a corpse?
    its not a real ad is it..

    i really dont want to suck his finger

  • fabrika

    The deadmeat composition made me want to become a veg, background is boring and the U-logo looks out of place here.

  • That it the weirdest yet greatest thing ever! I love it, almost makes me want to like mustard!

  • That is ugly.

  • Wonderful realisation !

  • I reckon the eyes are sliced turkey with green and black olives carefully styled by a very taletent model maker/ food sculpter.

    shot looks BRILLIANT!! well done that team.

    also I think the same team did the Italian job!

  • Atkins diet anyone?

  • katie

    very clever. it loks effective. come on you veggies get off your bandwagon

  • I like the idea and the work done very much. I am sure it took some time to complete it. The picture looks fantastic and until I’ve seen the rest of the pictures I didn’t realized what it’s made of. Great job!