For budding Damien Hirsts

Not for CR readers’ kids the humble drawing book of yore. No, you want something that’s going to put your youngsters on the path to being the next YBA, like Pentagram’s workbook for Cass Art Kids…

Not for CR readers’ kids the humble drawing book of yore. No, you want something that’s going to put your youngsters on the path to being the next YBA, like Pentagram‘s workbook for Cass Art Kids…

OK, well maybe you don’t want that – my own son is far more interested in the Guinness Book of Records or his Match Attax annual than anything ‘creative’ I attempt to foist on him, but I might give him a go with this. The Cass Art Workbook was art directed by Angus Hyland and features illustrations by Hyland’s wife Marion Deuchars

The basic concept may be reminiscent of Taro Gomi’s Doodlebook but with more of a knowing, art world twist, hence the lead image on this post.

Other spreads invite kids to design their own comic

Or merchandise for, ahem, Cass Art

And, of course, there’s a reminder of all the great things you can buy there

But also fun spreads like these

Also for Cass Art, Hyland has art directed an ad campaign featuring artist Scarlett Raven half naked and covered in paint (shot by Nadav Kander), and thereby hangs a tale…

Scarlett Ravenscroft, as she was then, came to CR on work experience a few years ago when she was still at school. She was very nice. Needless to say, she didn’t dress like this in the office…

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  • aardvark


    haven’t we see this a thousand times before?

  • A fun idea – not exactly original but any book or creation that can lead more individuals into building upon their creativity can surely only be seen as a good thing?

  • Aardvark can you show me the thousand comparisons to which you refer?
    + well said Oliver Newth.

    Its nice to see people trying to inspire kids to think creatively rather than just colour in between the lines. Hopefully it will inspire a new generation of creative thinkers. It’s a good idea with good intentions so lets not knock it please.

  • I LOVE this – makes me want to have kids (almost).

  • I’m sorry but it is patronising, middle class and suggests that anything is art. It isn’t. Little Tamsin’s shark will be a shit drawing wherever she does it. The word wank comes to mind.

  • And while I’m at it. Faux bad drawing. It’s just a fashion. What are you trying to do fuck their heads? Bad drawing good. Good drawing bad? It’s just a rip-off David Shrigley anyway. Go along to the Tate. The dark room is never dark because of the flash photos going off all the time. People photographing themselves in a completely dark room. Doh! Just stick Tamsins’ shit art to the fridge door and leave it at that. Life used to be too short.

  • Mandy

    Are you inferring that your work is ‘art’ Jack? Interestingly…I just had a look over your site, really loved the amateur typography and the use of Helvetica Condensed FOR EVERYTHING — who’s the real fashion victim here Jack?

  • Nice, I like the book, it looks like fun. Drawn lettering… nice. Even if it has it’s commercial moments quite evident, it doesn’t matter.
    My I ask what is a format?
    Thanks for sharing.

  • I think Jack will turn out to be a great supportive dad. Or was it just an excuse to plug his site.

    This was my attempt…

  • Marion Deuchars lettering is characterful and interesting rather than faux child like I’d say. And the book’s a very enjoyable promotion for an art shop chain.

    Had a good look through Jack Gardner’s website – his amusing comments obviously worked a treat on me! I wonder if his book of aphorisms has one on the subject of attention seeking comments being taken with a pinch of salt?