Philips Parallel Lines Films

In DDB London’s new campaign for Philips, five RSA directors created a series of short films all using the same script

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Darkroom, directed by Johnny Hardstaff

In DDB London’s new campaign for Philips, five RSA directors create a series of short films all using the same script.

The unusual campaign, which follows the much-admired Philips Carousel work, sees DDB London collaborate with RSA to create a series of films that aim to emphasise Philips’ cinematic qualities. Six lines of dialogue were written by DDB and five directors (Greg Fay, Johnny Hardstaff, Carl Erik Rinsch, Jake Scott and Hi-Sim) have turned them into five very different films.

Jun and the Hidden Skies, directed by Hi-Sim

El Secreto de Mateo, by Greg Fay


The Gift, by Erik Rinsch


The Hunt, by Jake Scott

All the films are viewable in hi-def at

The campaign is being promoted to film bloggers via a series of bespoke boxes representing each of the five films. PR agency Ketchum OneVoice commissioned design studio Blast to create the boxes. Each box contains exclusive items relating to one of the five Parallel Lines shorts, including a clue to one of the lines of dialogue, a letter from Ridley Scott and stills from the films.

Darkroom box with contents below:


ElSecreto box and contents

Gift box

Jun box

And the Hunt box




Credits for Philips Parallel Lines campaign:

Agency: DDB London/DDB Worldwide
Chief Creative Officer: Neil Dawson
Copywriter: Sam Oliver
Art director: Shishir Patel
Production company: RSA Films
Executive producers: Kai-Lu Hsiung, Caspar Delaney
Directors: Greg Fay, Johnny Hardstaff, Hi-Sim, Carl Erik Rinsch, Jake Scott
Digital agency: Tribal DDB Amsterdam
Digital production company: Unit9

  • Vic

    hope Johnny Hardstaff’s was a hommage to Blade Runner, its a bit to similar to be otherwise
    now look at for a proper Enhance video Enhance section 4B…….. THERE IS A REFLECTION!!

  • Amy

    I absolutely adore the bunny in the second vid. LOL! So cute! 😛

  • Not me mum

    Nice arse on number 1

  • Monique

    STUNNING – Love the Jonny Hardstaff film. Yes it references Blade Runner film (and more!), but wonderfully. This is a thrilling ad and a great short film! They teased me and they actually delivered! Go figure.

  • The Gift, by Erik Rinsch was amazing

  • Tom

    Brilliant idea, getting so many different film outta same words. Animation my favourite

  • Anthony

    despite loving the gift after seeing it a few days ago, El Secreto de Mateo blew me away with it’s magic and social commentry, emotionally amazing :)

  • Mickrock

    Number One is 60% Ridley Scott, 40% Terry Gilliam.

  • michael munday

    Hardstaff eh? Very cleverly made violence-against-women sexism. Ironic and referential. Well done.

  • Claire

    i liked Hardstaff’s attempt but I think the gift was the clincher for me, I would like a cat android of my own!

  • Roger Mann

    All are excellent and it’s good to see such a variety of creative interpretation on the same and script; also nice to see hunters getting what they deserve.

  • Roberto

    I think Santo did the same thing for Clarin, a newspaper that valued the different points of view, a while ago.
    The project was called “My left eye”. This is done with much more money.

  • Umm … Does anyone remember BMW Films from 2001?

    Parallel Lines is very nice, but it is nothing new … apart from using the same dialogue. BMW Films “The Hire” was much much better.

    More here:

  • Bob

    I can see why a few of them felt very like Bladerunner. The Unicorn line made me think of it instantly and that was before watching any of the films.

  • These are fantastic examples of branded content. Would be interesting to know how they have been evaluated in terms of how they reflect on the brand and whether people would be more inclined to purchase a 21:9 TV

    The first teaser of the short film “Night of the Alchemist,” which will shortly be submitted to the contest “Philips Parallel Lines”.
    To follow the news of the project :

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