Earth, the penultimate frontier…

As part of next week’s London Art Fair at the Business Design Centre in Islington, The Steps Gallery will be showcasing a series of striking images by French photographer Vincent Fournier…

As part of London Art Fair – which kicks off next week from 13-17 January  at the Business Design Centre in Islington – The Steps Gallery  will be showcasing a series of striking images by French photographer Vincent Fournier

Fournier’s work focuses on the interiors of Chinese, Russian and US space agencies – and also includes some remarkable images of astronauts training grounds that, appropriately, look completely out of this world. Here’s a selection of some of the imagery that will show at The Steps Gallery stand during next week’s event:

For more details on the various galleries and artists exhibiting at the show, visit London Art Fair’s website at

To see more of Fournier’s work, visit his website at


  • Lovely photos

  • When can I move in?

  • Alex

    Great shots.

    Although if trying to give the impression that the astronaut is on another planet in space etc etc blah blah, I don’t think the astronaut (second from last photo) would be leaning down to support himself from falling over. No gravity!! I might be wrong of course.

  • Phil

    Well the gravity would depend on what planet he was on. Mar’s gravity isn’t vastly different from Earth’s, and even the moon has SOME gravity.

    Anyway nice pics.

  • Can someone help find a Mars terrain on earth. All red :)

  • Fiendish Astronaut

    Those last two photos aren’t too unlike Mars which isn’t red but rather a rust colour. NASA has been known to redden their images to fit in with misconceptions about Mars. Pretty poor for a science body which put so much money and effort into getting there… but perhaps that was their PR people.

  • I really dig the scale between the “astronaut” and the rest. Would be nice to see them in big prints.