Kai and Sunny Return To The Wild

Kai and Sunny’s current exhibition, Return To The Wild, runs until June 20 at Stolenspace Gallery just off Brick Lane…

569_1.jpg - Kai and Sunny Return To The Wild - 2479

Design and illustration duo Kai and Sunny have an exhibition at Stolenspace Gallery just off Brick Lane, entitled Return To The Wild which runs until June 20…

Return To The Wild continues where the pair’s What A Wonderful World exhibition from last year left off – only this time various forms from nature are the starting point for the creation of abstract patterns – rather than the lush imagined landscapes of last year’s show. A flock of birds in flight, for example, or swirling plant life in a river, are just some of the starting points for the imagery…

Kai and Sunny have very kindly given Creative Review a signed artists proof of the above image, entitled Butterfly Effect – Blue, to give away as our July issue Gallery prize. Full details will be in the issue which will be published next week. Butterfly Effect – Blue is a hand pulled two-colour screenprint printed on 100% Cotton Somerset Enhanced Paper at 75cm x 55cm in a limited edition of 25 signed and numbered prints.

Return To The Wild runs until June 20 at Stolenspace Gallery, Dray Walk, The Old Truman Brewery, 91 Brick Lane, London E1 6QL. Tel: +44 (0) 207 247 2684. Email: info@stolenspace.com. Opening times: Tuesday-Sunday, 11am – 7pm


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  • Gassy

    Great show, worth the trip down there to see the detail in these works….
    and a good investment too.

  • Gray

    Dust your minces by taking them along to this shizzle. It’s a must!

  • Stunning, beautiful & inspiring work!

  • Awesome show, which left me feeling very calm and relaxed : )

  • Briony Edwards

    I would definately return to the wild……it felt like the wild had come to life in the urban jungle. Mixed in with the Tiger beers on the opening night it truly felt like being on safari!
    Loved the calm of the green grass, the energy of the bubbling water and the life of the birds and the butterflies. It was such a vibrant mix of the great energy of life in the wild.

  • A fantastic exhibition that captures Kai and Sunny’s practice of obsessive, intricate and well crafted visual material. Well worth a visit.

  • sean phipps

    I was very impressed with this work-very creative and thought provoking
    Well done
    Sean Phipps

  • i bought one!

  • Steve Laverty

    Amazing work as always, it’s in the details as usual with Kai & Sunny, check the show out if you can it’s well worth the visit.
    If I had the money I’d buy all the prints.

  • Barry

    Green must have looked at one of these before he saved/missed the shot!

  • Keshi Bouri

    Amazing stuff from Kai and Sunny yet again! If you haven’t seen it yet try not to miss it!
    Really enjoyed the show guys… Keep it up!

  • S Bradburn

    The work in this show is quite different to their previous exhibition at Stolen Space last year. The large-scale abstract prints are mesmerising, with beautiful layers of colour. I think I’ll start saving up for their next show!
    Well worth a visit.

  • HLT

    Fabulous show, and definitely worth a visit. I love Kai and Sunny’s work and think everyone should own one (or more).

  • Jenny Grant

    I love watching their work evolve – so beautiful, so awe-inspiring. I can’t wait for the trilogy!!

  • Beautiful work, excellent show;
    such subtle, sophisticated detail in the images
    that you can only see up close – well worth a visit.
    I love this new work and I’m very happy and proud to be the owner of one.

  • This work is exceptional. I didn’t think they could top the last show, but, ai carumba: they have. Makes me want to buy a bigger loft so I can add it to my Kai and Sunny collection…

  • Stunning, beautiful & inspiring work!

  • Christie Ferdinando

    A great opening night.
    Beautiful work and interesting to see how it has moved on from their first show at Stolen Space.
    Loved the birds.

  • marcus love

    A natural advanced creative push from the west country boys!

    This show has grown in maturity and creativity …….. Stunning!

    I’m a huge fan of their work…. and will continue to collect and enjoy… a breath of fresh air.

    Marcus Love.

  • jessica draper

    Interesting, sophisticated, beautiful…it takes effort to make work this effortlessly cool.
    Nicely done!

    Jessica Draper
    Lazarides Gallery

  • D. Edwards

    Very impressive work – and looks good in my lounge. Am going again for sure – if you haven’t yet you must get down there! Classy stuff – tough bit is fitting it all in your car after!

  • Andy Sunter

    Really love the work .. Just keeps getting better .. Wish I could get there to see it ..

  • Stu G

    These boys are rockin! Great show, perhaps even better than the first?

  • Beautiful.

  • Henry

    Echt Gut…..
    „Ruf der Wildnis“ kommt und zeigt in Berlin!!!!!

  • Fletch

    The detail and time put into these works is awe inspiring. Not even the close up photos above can do them justice you need to see these with your very own eyes. I’m going again tonight lol!

  • I love Kai and Sunnys work, amazing detail, its certainly lovely work which you would like to hang in your home and admire. There is so much detail to take in and enjoy. Catch the show, a big leap from the last one they did, good job fellas, I will look forward to the next show.

  • Steve Lilly

    Calming, peaceful, dreamy works of art. Love the detail. Not sure which piece to invest in as yet!
    Great show.

  • Amazing work. They did it again. So intricate. You can really get lost in any of the pieces for days.

  • Bubble

    I loved this exhibition…amazing beautiful mesmeric.

  • morg

    Je aimé les oiseaux.

  • toby teasdale

    Another amazing installment into the K&S cannon, these are beautifuly meditative pieces that evoke tranquility and euphoria. A worthy progression from the last spellbinding show, these boys keep on keeping on. Here’s to the next batch!!!

  • I particularly enjoyed Kai & Sonny’s departure from colour with their series of black and white prints. A superb depth of field with a mesmerising ‘magic eye’ quality to them.