Sony goes 3D

Sony has launched its new 3D TV with this football-themed spot starring Kaká, directed by Jonathan Glazer.

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Sony has launched its new 3D TV with this football-themed spot starring Kaká, directed by Jonathan Glazer.


The ad, by Anomaly, gets around the problem of advertising a new, better television on older TV sets by addressing the issue head on. The spot is shot in 3D and appears to be transmitting incorrectly on standard TV sets, before the statement ‘Do not adjust your set’ appears, followed by ‘This is 3D TV’ and later ‘Maybe it’s time to get a 3D TV’. The ad certainly does its job of making you want to see it in full 3D glory, with its various special effects – which include explosions and what appears to be a gurning body builder – tantalisingly hard to make out in 2D.


The spot first aired on TV during the Champions League Final (in France, Portugal and Spain) and will roll out across Europe over the coming weeks, while the actual 3D version will play out in cinemas and on 3D sports channels in due course.


Creative agency: Anomaly
Copywriter/art director: Anomaly
Production company: Academy Films
Director: Jonathan Glazer


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  • It’s strange. I really am excited by the prospect of 3D TV, but this ad does nothing to heighten the excitement. You have Kaka, 3D Television and a decent budget and this is the best you can muster? Not terrible by any means, but I’ve come to expect a great deal more from Sony. The move from Fallon has yet to yield much results.

  • Adam

    Big football fan, Eliza? The Champions League Final was almost two weeks ago…

  • ElizaWilliams

    @ Adam

    Ah yes… have corrected now

  • Dogs

    Football in 3D? Worst idea ever, all the useful shots have absolutely no depth to them because everything is in the distance. Only a complete moron would buy into this.

  • Paul Mosley

    Not a bad TV advert by a long shot, but Samsung’s advert does 3D better, and Nike’s advert does football a damn sight better.

  • I like it, although not an incredible advert like we’ve come to expect from sony. I guess it’s just suppose to give you a taster of what your missing out on visually, so can’t have too much of a story to it. I know it’s not meant to be viewed in 3D, but I’m sure people wouldn’t be saying what they’re saying if they saw it in 3D.

  • Ah Its just a shame that people will buy into this. I personally think it looks pretty silly if I’m honest – I dont see any benefit to watching especially Football in 3D films yes?

  • Stay tuned, tune in, and tune out.

  • I’m afraid soon all new films will look silly on normal tv sets because they were made for 3D, so people will be throwing stuff at the camera all the time.

  • adey

    philips 21:9 did a better job of showing potentials of 3D – and that wasn’t even its message

    sony’s is a very crap advert

    check philips out =

  • Jackson

    I have been to an OB of the Sky Sports 3D doing rugby in 3D and I admit that I went to it with the idea that it was going to be a load of crap and no point, but sitting in the truck and seeing all 3 outputs (SD, HD and 3D) I think that 3D works pretty well in sports, some shots need to be avoided or it can screw with your eyes. It isn’t filmed in the same way as standard broadcast either so there are different shots and angles than usual.

    It is used in a totally different way to films and cinema, It gives better depth without having to force depth of field thanks to the fact that it isn’t having to bounce light of a silver screen. Its a shame to slate something in its commercial infancy.

    Its an interesting solution i guess though try to show what a 3DTV can do without actually showing what it can do.