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We’ve seen tilt-shift photography projects aplenty over the last few years, but The Sandpit – a time lapse, tilt-shift film of New York life by Sam O’Hare who shot over 35,000 stills over five days to make it – caught our eye this week…

We’ve seen tilt-shift photography projects aplenty over the last few years, but The Sandpit – a time lapse, tilt-shift film of New York life by Sam O’Hare (who shot over 35,000 stills over five days to make it) – caught our eye this week…

The Sandpit from Sam O’Hare on Vimeo.

The music was composed by Human, co-written by Rosi Golan and Alex Wong

O’Hare’s production company, Aéro Film has posted an interview with the director about the making of the film which you can read at

The last time we wrote about tilt-shift photography on the CR blog was when we featured the work of Melbourne-based photographer Ben Thomas back in October 2008. You can read that post here.

  • “tilt shift is the lens flare of the ’10s”

  • eleanorrousseau

    I love this film, such a toy-town feel, with the quiet human dramas going on. The tai chi under thee bridge was exquisite, and the night photos were really sensual. Thanks Sam, inspiring stuff.

  • I love the look. I find tilt-shift entertaining to watch… but this video does nothing that hasn’t been done before; tilt-shift is still a quirky visual gimmick. I’m a little worried that tilt-shift may become to photography what autotune is to pop music…

  • These “tilt shift” things are fun, but either people who do them are lazy, or they don’t understand the basic principle of what they are doing…

    Granted, I work in still images, so it would be easy to make this effect more realistic…

    What’s wrong with them? the sail boat about 24 seconds in, various lamp posts and trees all fall out of focus at the top… it’s a fundamental flaw in the technique, and until someone does it properly, i’ll always frown a little at these videos getting such props.

    Still, i’m sure it will be used in some advertising, somewhere soon… And still, i think they are fun…

    rant over.

  • wow great stuff congratulations.

  • The Vimeo feed wasn’t working but the stills look really good!

  • A

    I know its being done to death but tilt shift done well still makes me smile.

  • Water work so well with it and the heilcopters look like insects.

  • The stop-motion animation feel to this really adds to the effect. Real-time film footage with the same tilt treatment would lose the children’s toy magic.

  • Paul

    I saw this the other day, Tilt Shift Photos of London.

  • Great fun. Greater perseverance.

  • nobuko

    have they done this too???

  • Andrew

    Yes it’s been done before but I still marvel at how a simple blur (if you were to do it in post) can trick the mind/eye. Fun video, terrible track though.

  • Tom

    As much as I first loved tilt shift it seems everyone’s doing the same thing now.

    There were some short films a few months back of Sydney which were done beautifully but no one has pushed this further then showing cities/transport to bland music tracks.

    Creatives shouldn’t feel that doing what someone else did but to a different track is enough. I personally would like to see it used in a different way – maybe something from the natural world elephant/wilderbeast migration? An F1 race, football match?

    If I had any of the talent/equipment and knowledge that these guys posses, that’s the kind of things I’d experiment with

  • hien1234

    I definitely appreciate visiting NYC so much more after seeing this! left so speechless at the amount of work required to do that film and the end result result is simply superb!

  • Al

    Hmmm, a good video, but I do remember seeing this style of video on the UNIQLO site last year. One of many such examples is

    So this begs the question, is this video by the same person or a rip-off? I suspect the latter.