We’re all babies inside

Evian continues the baby mania in this new print campaign from BETC Euro RSCG in Paris…

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Evian continues the baby mania in this new print campaign from BETC Euro RSCG in Paris…


Shot by fashion photographer Nathaniel Goldberg, the ads features ‘real people’ rather than models, and contain the new Evian strapline: Live Young.





  • James Pearson

    Nicely done. Very Simple, Very Effective.

  • nl

    yuck that’s horrible. especially the last one. but then i have a strong aversion to men with long hair.

  • I like! Although I’m a bit confused re: ‘real people’ vs. models. If they’re in an ad campaign, they’re models, no? And surely they were selected by producers and editors. Not sure it’s a distinction worth making, promoting, defending…

  • Jones

    Erm.. I guess you can call me weird, but I’m reading this as “I’m hanging a baby from my neck”, tho I admit the intended way it should be understood isn’t nearly that gory.

  • I think this is a good idea for one execution in a campaign but not for the main idea of a campaign. Once you’ve seen one execution there is little to be gained by repeating it with different bodies. I think the idea is too small.

  • ankita gupta

    I kinda agree with Mr Jones here… No doubt, the concept is a really cool one, but it looked weird when i saw it for the first time. Eventually… Likeable.

  • Tom

    Where can I get that shirt???????

  • This is sooo funny, I like it :)

  • saba

    I think it’s cool!
    I want one of those t-shirts. Do they come in Asian Baby?? :)

  • Very creative

  • this was a nice idea.

  • sharon

    I need to get my hands on these shirts for a couple just about to have their baby. It would make a great gift!!

  • hapciustyle

    If someone finds a high quality picture so I can make a t-shirt like this ones, please share

  • ines

    this is not an ad for breast feeding, right? gotta stick to the bottle.

  • Really nice adverts, Evian are excelling them selves recently. I think there campaign works so well because they have a tag line “Evian – Live young” for their brand and they have a concept for the basis of all of their adverts “babies”, they explore every aspect to do with this, in doing this they create excellent adverts.

  • dorna

    pretty & nice !!
    so cooooooooooool !!
    i like them.
    i think these shirts are so helpful for people who are morose or lose their the temper easily. maybe they can remember kindness & nicety again and treat better.

  • I think the photography is really good and the top / first poster works really well as the sense of humor is more obvious within the expression than with the other poster.

  • Ed Wright

    Is it wrong to think that the girls are still pretty hot?

  • Bottled water is an environmental disaster, and a creative one as well, it seems.

  • Gareth

    Same ad 5 times…

  • Owen

    Cheap, cheap, cheap.

    Why not throw a guitar-playing/drumming/singing dog/meerkat/monkey/penguin at the ads and be done with it.

    Maybe make them all vampires in a high school-based musical. Why not?

  • Reddick

    Worked harder if the babies still had their skates on? Answers in a bottle please.

  • I agree with Antonio above, advertising bottled water is pretty dodgy environmentally.
    What next AIR? We’ve got plenty of access to a safe,cheap source of water out of the tap, unlike some on the planet.

    But it creativity we’re discussing really isn’t it, not ethics?
    The creative is nice. Fresh and simple. I can see it in Lurzer’s Archive.

    And I personally do like men with long hair, not that that’s totally relevant really either :-)

    Ali Bates

  • account handler

    The second to last girl is a professional model on ASOS – see link below


    So not at all a ‘real person’

  • It’s a simple and quite effective idea.

    Not sure why they felt the need to use ‘real’ people, it makes absolutely no difference to the creative and there’s nothing that conveys this to the audience. Budget or band wagon I guess, although maybe it ties into a wider campaign?

    First photo is clearly the most successful because of the contrasting jacket, plus he’s facing the camera straight on which helps.

    Massive plus is it doesn’t freak me the hell out like the demonic babies tv ad!

  • Brilliant! a genius concept and possible to unfold in many themes…we are all lovers inside, we are all silly inside, we are all genius inside, we are all cowards inside, we are all…so many things inisde!

  • JD

    Love it, but “real people”, i don’t think so as one of the asian female is a model that i have seen in the Littlewoods catalog…!!!!!

  • They’re not trying to make out these are ‘real’ people are they? Really? For real?

  • They are great! I hope to find a shop in he Netherlands, where I can buy some of those
    Kind regards,

  • I’m glad to see my face on so many website for this ad, and this is great to read what people feel and think about it. by the way the shirt is not for sale “yet” (i don’t know if it will be)

  • “Love it, but “real people”, i don’t think so as one of the asian female is a model that i have seen in the Littlewoods catalog…!!!!!” – JD

    Hey, JD, you know that model in the Littlewoods catalogue… well, she’s actually a real person. They all are in fact. Models are merely humans who get paid to appear in photographs. The only exceptions are the ones who stand in shop windows. Those are lifeless facsimilies.

    Crazy stuff.

  • Valentina

    where can i buy these shirts?

  • very very very beautifulllllllll For sharing thank you very much good very beautiful work

  • I want those t-shirts :))

  • LoL, I can’t wait to see the faces off the people when I wear one of those!
    I hope the print is laundry proof

  • superrrrr.

  • How very disturbing… most excellent.

  • What a great ad concept! It shows how we should all feel younger on the inside. I struggle to believe how all the “junk” we drink is so successfully marketed. Water is what is natural. Although I am a very “old” American, as long as I have a pulse I will focus on feeling young.

  • OMS

    In my opinion, its a very well done marketing campaign. It has reached a lot of people and was easy to understand the idea behind it.

  • dani

    As account handler and tim Spencer said, the asian girl appears also in ASOS and littlewood catalogs. But does anyone know what is her name?

  • Hehe, are these t-shirts made of eco friendly material?

    /Alternative Energy Geek

  • Fun and original! It makes me kind of happy. One of the best indicators that it is a really good campaign.

  • what is the name of the last boy with the precious long hair? is a model ?