Goodwill Fernandes magazine. It ain’t big!

Goodwill Fernandes is the latest project from Peet Pienaar. It’s a tiny magazine packed with great content by contributors from Argentina and South Africa…

Goodwill Fernandes is the latest project from Peet Pienaar, creative director of The President – a design agency and publishing company in Cape Town. The President has recently opened an office in Buenos Aires and so this tiny magazine features work by writers and designers from both South Africa and Argentina…

The magazine comes in a tiny slipcase which can be removed to reveal the tiny, landscape format magazine (5 x 8 cm). Inside there are short stories from both sides of the Atlantic and an interview by Pienaar with Francois van Coke – South Africa’s most controversial rock star; a story on a group called Jesus Saves that cleans up Cape Town’s graffity by painting block shapes or stripes over the old graffiti; and a look at how Argentina’s government uses the medium of graffiti (which is otherwise banned in the country) as its most effective medium for propaganda and campaigning. And a whole lot more including a selection of knock knock jokes… It might be small, but this magazine packs quite a punch!

  • rg

    Still doing the same stuff as they did back with Daddy Buy Me A Pony. Different name, same smell.

  • Not sure I find it particularly compelling graphically but damn! I do love it when people mess with scale.

  • BE……wag vir dit….BEDOOS!

  • A magazine that will comfortably fit in your pocket. But can probably be digested in three seconds flat.

  • Katy’s right, it’s the scale thing that gets you. And it wouldn’t work with digital!!!

  • zoe meyer

    Peet pienaar is the best, don’t trash his work ever! i’m a young design student and he is an absolute inspiration to me! His work is out of the box and it’s sustaining cultural design in South Africa!