C4’s Seven Dwarves: a very small ad campaign

To promote Channel 4’s new series Seven Dwarves, 4Creative has subverted the notion of a huge billboard campaign by creating 20 mini poster sites around London…

To promote Channel 4’s new series Seven Dwarves – an observational documentary “following the lives of seven dwarf actors as they live together and perform in a production of Snow White” (we’re not making this up) – 4Creative has subverted the notion of a huge billboard campaign by creating 20 mini poster sites…

Twenty of the miniature billboards, each a perfect scale model of a 48-sheet poster site, complete with working lights and a stand-alone frame, have been placed in various locations around London over the last week or two including Cromwell Road and Picadilly circus.

Either the mini billboards are popular with passers by, or London councils don’t like them… becasue almost all of them have disappeared. Have you seen one around town, or even on a colleagues desk?

Agency 4Creative
Creative director Tom Tagholm
Art director / copywriter Molly Manners
Producer Edward Webster / Nick Reeves
Photographer Gary Salter
Business director Stephen Johnstone
Marketing manager Gagan Rehill


  • GeeDee

    I could understand if this was promoting ‘The Borrowers’ or something, but otherwise it’s a little bit of a piss-take. If they were all scaled down proportionally to the average height of an average person with dwarfism, then at least it might say something about the way they view the world. But I think Channel 4 has basically been the old ‘Spice Girls era’ Channel 5 in disguise for a fair few years now.

  • Andy

    I like the idea. But surely if the billboards are that small then you would see more than the tops of the dwarfes heads?

  • I like the posters themselves, but making them so small is a bit OTT in my opinion. I thought the purpose off billboards is to be seen, not found!

  • I’m sorry to say it, but if I saw one of those it would immediately be claimed as my own.

    I’m not usually like that.

  • Andy

    Hmmmm. Seems very ‘Slinkachu’ to me. Another case of a creative idea / execution being ‘inspired’ by an existing artist?

  • I think quite funny.. I also think it is more of a ‘viral’ campaign, as in it is not the ‘bill boards’ but sites like this reporting on it that generates the publicity….

  • Rachel Dawes

    Will anyone other than sleeping drunks, and the elderly with a convenient arthritic neck see these?

  • Boyette Feliciano

    Its great, it catches the attention of passing people

  • I like the posters themselves, but making them so small is a bit OTT in my opinion. I thought the purpose off billboards is to be seen, not found!

  • I think it’s great gorilla advertising. It costs them nothing to produce a brilliant photo of two confused OAP’s looking at a miniature billboard. It’s surely these photo’s which are meant to be seen. Not the billboards themselves.

  • It does seem a bit of a piss take to me.

    But then again the whole show seems like a bit of a piss take too.

  • Such a great idea, watched the programme and loved it. Didn’t actually realise how small it was until I saw those people standing next to it!

  • jaet

    Love it! great concept for an ad campaign… I want one too :-)

  • Wonderful new toilet design for dogs.

  • Too many ideas.

  • adguy

    This idea (minature billboards) was done a few years ago by The Natural Confectionary Company.

    Agree it doesn’t really makes sense…Dwarves aren’t 3 inches tall.

  • Wonderful new toilet design for dogs.

  • Alex

    “Gorilla advertising”

  • Kath

    The photo of the pgeons looking at the billboard is even more effective than the billboard itself!

  • Am sure that a lot of them would have been stolen and their removal had nothing to do with the council. If the council didn’t like them, am sure the legal department would have been in-touch very quickly. Very good concept, certainly gets more attention than larger billboards do…

  • Gafyn – should that not be ‘Under The Top’?

  • Bob

    The whole of the creative review blog audience has seen them, and surely that is the point – the press attention, rather than the few people who will actually see them in real life. And I don’t think you can say they are copying another artist, no-one can own the concept of ‘big things made small’. Cool idea.

  • Nopadol


  • Small billboards are nothing new (not to designers anyway) http://www.reversestreetads.com/blog/2011/07/17/the-smart-little-billboard-ad/ so it makes more sense to just enjoy these (or not) on an executional level.. It might’ve been nice to see something less exaggerated?

  • Ricky Gervais just lost his thunder

  • Rosalind Pearson

    References and recognition for this mini idea should be made to Pablo Delgado, currently amazing the East End of London with his tiny wall paintings, check out http://www.guardian.co.uk/artanddesign/gallery/2011/aug/17/pablo-delgados-small-world?INTCMP=SRCH and his website http://streetartlondon.co.uk/blog/street-artist-pablo-delgado/. You’ll see what I mean.

  • In a way aren’t they more eye-catching in London? In my experience of visiting the capital, everyone (bar the tourists (myself)) walks with their head down.

  • Tracey Carey

    Very clever. I’ll be checking ebay to see if I can get one for my desk.

  • Claire

    I think it’s really stupid to discuss the fact the billboards are too small to be for dwarfs! What the campaigns aims to do is to make a point on size and at the same time to get people talking, which we are.

    So that’s successful already.

  • Ralph Nas

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