Andrew Byrom’s recycled business cards

When graphic and type designer Andrew Byrom decided it was time for a new desk, he thought of a rather novel way to recycle the old one…

When graphic and type designer Andrew Byrom decided it was time for a new desk, he thought of a rather novel way to recycle the old one…

“The [veneered chip board top of the] old desk (shown above) was cut into 3.5 x 2 inch blocks,” explains Byrom, “then the text, set in my newest typeface Byrom Sans, was silk-screened onto each block in white ink.”

OK, so these business “cards” won’t fit in your wallet, but the chances are they’ll sit on recipients’ desks more prominently than any other contact cards.



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  • Byrom sans honte!

  • Genius!

  • Coolllllllll…. I really like your idea…

  • Great idea. I’d be much less likely to lose that amongst my paperwork, the way that I often do with regular contact cards!

  • ditto!

  • amazing :) i might go cut something up. thin is i’ve not got anything to throw really…

  • Genius! Next time we go to a networking session we’ll all need a transit van to take our cards home though

  • stu

    pretty cool Andrew, ticks a lot of boxes

  • Love the typeface!

  • @pseudopam

    Great idea. What a smart, surprising and memorable way to arouse curiosity.
    Chances are they’ll never forget that graphic designer who carved business cards out of his old desk.

  • Kieran

    Very nice. What size is his wallet?

  • Ike

    useful doorstop.

  • Stern John

    if i got one i’d be annoyed

  • Nice! A few years back, I had a load of wooden business cards made, out of walnut I think? Looked lovely… though never got round to using them!!!

  • I don’t fancy carrying those around but what an idea.Excellent.

    It is an inspiration really so what can I do?

  • Chip of the old block!

  • Pretty clever!!!!

  • chris ericson

    Clever idea, but taking something that is still in pretty good shape and usable and chopping it up into somewhat less usable bits doesn’t quite feel like up-cycling?

  • It’s a massive block of wood with his name on it. Not a business card. When does a business card become something that isn’t a business card? This is a business block.

    Genius business card: something this memorable that can be used as a card and handed out. Will he carry a sack of these to his next networking event?

    Great idea though, love the text. Why not just cut it, say, 1/8 of an inch thick instead of using a block? The idea would work just as well, but it would be far more practical.

  • Brilliant, I’ve been inspired and just done the same, but now I don’t have a desk to work from ….

  • zuko

    Brilliant! I love the double meaning of the copy line ‘from the desk of’.

    Does anyone know what that poster is above his desk? (looks like a mouth eating sweetcorn)

  • Novel yes. I’m not sure how excited people are going to be to get one of these though.

  • @Zuko

    Its a Herman Miller Summer Picnic poster: (scroll down to the slideshow to see the whole thing.

  • Zuko



  • Peter Olson

    Hey Andrew,
    Was quite pleased to come across this! We miss you!

  • Negative Martin

    This is not a good idea instead of someone else getting a desk to use . You chopped it up .. so they could be thrown away later….

    Didn’t you already have business cards?

    Waste of energy cutting it up ! waste of ink silk screening! Working desk turned into trash because you thought of a novel idea ………..


  • It is a novelty. But what does do?

  • taffdancer

    I want one!