Corbineau brightens up Orly

Over recent months, the mess of renovation work at Orly Airport in Paris has been artistically screened by a rather nice illustrated mural from Antoine Corbineau

Over recent months, the mess of renovation work at Orly Airport in Paris has been artistically screened by a rather nice illustrated mural from Antoine Corbineau

Illustrator Corbineau was commissioned by Paris Airports (ADP) and agency W&Cie. His mural, however, is about to be dismantled, but the work will not go to waste –  it is to be chopped up into three parts to be used in other areas in the airport over the next two years. “They are also planning to invite other artists for similar projects in the future as the result was very well received,” Corbineau says.

Here’s the whole thing in sections.

See more of his work here, including this rather nice poster for Melbourne and a New Year’s card



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  • Such nice drawings, they really give the airport a humane touch. You just don’t see that much in that type of industrial scale public spaces. An illustrated airport now that’s a nice idea :)

  • Love it! Brightening up otherwise pretty mundane places. Anything to make people happy and smile is alright with me.

  • Certainly the best bit of Orly…apart from the exit.

    It also makes Orly seem more a part of Paris, which is isn’t, as its a long way from the city.

    However, one thing that the UK could learn from, is that no planes are permitted to fly over the French capital: This was instigated after WWII, and will be prominent in the minds of the 6000 Parisians who were evacuated from their homes, schools and places of work yesterday, when an unexploded RAF bomb from a raid in 1942 was found on the site of the Renault factory.

  • Very into this! The hours spent… lovely work.

  • Chris

    OK cartoonist a bit weak as an illustrator, nothing I’ve not seen either copied or is the style off a thousand other wannabe illustrators.
    OK, at a push, he does this cartoon computer painting stuff very well.
    These are pretty and thats it, descriptive of a place? Paris? not entirely.


    Before you start I never follow fads, fashion or trends, and this is that.

    I do see the Emperor’s New Clothes, this is what is called a “vanity purchase” by Orly.
    A fashionable cartoonist gets a commision “To brighten up Orly and make it look like it is part of Paris”.
    Then cartoons are delivered.
    Sacre blur! or Zoot Aloor! 8-0 eek!.
    Orly cant say it is rubbish because they’ve just spent thousands of euros on it.
    So to save face they say its great, apply it and then start pumping out the “isnt it great dogma”.
    We are the human race and vanity is our name.

  • They are such friendly drawings. Perfect illustrator to commission for a project where the main aim is to welcome people to the airport.
    It always upsets me when screens surrounding construction work are left empty. They are great spaces for large scale artworks.

  • Nice drawings. I don’t think their supposed to be descriptive of Paris from a general angle. They are more describing Paris from an individual’s angle. I see them as personalised welcome to Paris from the artist.

  • cool! much better to illustrate on these hoarding boards than to leave them blank. Shame they have to come down soon…even though they maybe recycled.