Mother creates campaign celebrating biking in New York

Mother New York has created a striking new billboard and print campaign to help promote cycling in the city.

Mother New York has created a striking new billboard and print campaign to help promote cycling in the city.

Created for Transportation Alternatives, an advocacy organisation committed to supporting cycling, walking and public transport in the city, the campaign features aerial shots of bike riders on New York streets, combined with statements about cycling in the city. It aims to encourage people onto, a website providing information on bike events, tips and deals.

  • Looks like a great campaign. Really nicely executed – we could use something like this in Dublin. All we’d need then is for (most) cyclists to stop being our own worst enemy.

  • I like it, apart from the use of “biker” instead of “cyclist”. But I guess that’s American?
    To me a Biker is a motorcyclist.

  • E

    Great for pedestrians/bikers, but I’m not sure anyone in a car would be able to read one ‘cos they’re quite busy.

    … Which is not to say they don’t look great.

  • natasha

    What does “Bike like a New Yorker” means?
    Be angry, rude + selfish?
    Jump on a bike + do what you please?
    As a biker in New York I can tell that this campaign adds nothing to the people of NYC + their choices.

  • really loks like a great campaign. a cities have a highly amount of cars so traffic is cramped.the campaign is necessary for my city istanbul.

  • Peter

    Am I the only one to think this is pretty unimaginative? Using images of New York, in New York seems a little dull and the use of the yellow taxi is hardly a step forward for humankind. The tag-lines are nothing to write home about.

    The typography looks great, but I can’t see this as a lasting identity, it’s too generic. Verdict, an ok short term billboard campaign… Too harsh?

  • I love the images, but think the copy could just end up pissing drivers off more? ‘Try subbing the words “SCREW” and “YOU” for “EXCUSE” and “ME.”‘ seems particularly condescending.

    I could be totally wrong, but this passive aggresive tone could actually cement people’s prejudices rather than change them.

  • Regardless of the campaign’s success or people’s reaction, these billboards don’t look that bad actually. I agree with Peter, the typography is great. More of them here:

  • Love the typography on these, always been massive fan of this grungy style.

  • Awesome campaign – really nicely shot images too – good work!