CR for CR: A roundup of what’s on offer

After burying the blog in posts about Comic Relief, Red Nose Day is finally here. Get your hands on some of our swag and support a fine cause. Here’s a roundup of everything available…

After burying the blog in posts about Comic Relief, Red Nose Day is finally here, and we’re just hours away from the main event. Given that we’ve been posting everything as separate blog entries, we thought it would be wise to post a reminder of the items we have up for auction on ebay, so here’s a handy list of them, all in one place.

SOLD First up, CR’s editor Patrick Burgoyne raided his own collection for this packaged James Jarvis vinyl policeman. The current bidding stands at £50, but there are an awful lot of people lurking in the shadows around this one on ebay. Join the crowd here.

SOLD Also by Jarvis we have a Sole Inspector print, donated by footwear connoisseurs Art & Sole. Bid on it here.

SOLD Next, illustrator Paul Davis has kindly agreed to interview and draw a portrait of the highest bidder. Dig deep if you’re interested, as the bidding already stands at £255 and we know this is one CR’s Eliza has her eye on. You can put your own bid in here.

SOLD Build have donated two of their sought after glow-in-the-dark posters, created by to commemorate the moon landings, one for Night and one for Day. As of posting, bidding stands at £155 and £77 respectively. Wonder if they’ll both go to the same buyer? Night is here and day is over here.

SOLD Director Dougal Wilson has donated an original puppet from his Grammy-nominated promo film for Coldplay’s Life in Technicolour II. You can bid on the happy chap here.

SOLD We’ve an artist’s proof of Blanka’s lovingly produced 2008 reprint of the classic Wim Crouwel Vormgevers poster, signed by Wim himself. You can bid on that one here.

SOLD Looking for something less abstract? Nintendo sent us a special edition DSi, complete with Pokémon Black game, so kudos to them. If you fancy getting your hands on it and contributing to a good cause, you can try your hand here.

SOLD Computer games not your thing but you quite like the sounds they make? We’ve a Depeche Mode deluxe box set up for grabs too. Bid for Sounds of the Universe here.

SOLD Back to the wall-wear now: Our friends over at Monocle have contributed a lovely A2, 4 colour poster with gold-foil detailing of an ecologically sustainable urban district, envisioned by Alejandro Gutierrez and illustrated by Satoshi Hashimoto. Quick quick. Bid here.

SOLD We’ve also got three rare and tasty-looking A3 digital prints by graphic artist Rob Flowers, with never-to-be-repeated packaging. Interested? Go here.

SOLD Sticking with posters, did we mention Tom Gauld has provided us with a rare indeed artist’s proof of his popular Characters for an Epic Tale? You’ll need to have a fairly large wallet for this one. Current bidding is at £205 but we suggest it would look fabulous gracing anyone’s wall. If you agree with us, bid here.

SOLD There are also piles of fantastic books from Laurence King and Picador. The Laurence King ones are here and the Picador ones here.

SOLD More books from Unit Editions, but these come with a free Adrian Shaughnessy, who has been wonderfully generous. As well as donating an entire set of Unit Edition books, he’s also giving up half a day of his own time to offer as a consultancy. Like the sound of that? Then bid bid bid.

SOLD And for fashion lovers, artist and designer Petra Börner is donating two signed pieces of original artwork. Bid for her wonderful ink and acrylics clown here, or cut paper cocoa beans here.

SOLD And finally, some of the peeps at Peepshow are donating nice things too. There’s the Space Cowboy print by Spencer Wilson – bid on that one here. Chrissie Macdonald‘s paper shredder made from paper image (shot by John Short) can be found and bidded on here, or there’s Andrew Rae‘s limited edition, signed Mob screenprint here, and lastly Miles Donovan‘s similarly signed and limited edition Giclee print can be bid on here.

SOLD For those without the cash to splash, we’ve something a little different too, and one mainly for the junior ad creatives and students: M&C Saatchi’s Executive Creative Director Graham Fink will take a look through one lucky team’s book. Interested in bagging some Fink-time? To enter the draw, it’s £5 a pop on our JustGiving page.

If you don’t fancy any of this, you can always donate straight to Comic Relief here. A huge thanks to everyone who’s bidded, tweeted and shared news of our fundraising, and a special thanks to all those who have donated work and materials or are contributing time for us to auction off. We’ve already hit more than £2500 and that’s with all of the auctions still live.

And if you’re wondering why we’re doing all this take a look here.


All our auctions have ended. We made over £4000. Thanks to everyone who helped.

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