CR for CR: Original Petra Börner artworks

Attention fashion lovers: Artist and designer Petra Börner is donating 2 pieces of original artwork for Comic Relief…

Attention fashion lovers: Artist and designer Petra Börner is donating two signed pieces of original artwork for Red Nose Day. One was produced for fashion brand Cacharel, while the second is a personal piece, and is – appropriately enough given we’re auctioning these for Comic Relief – an illustration of a clown’s head,

The first piece of work (shown below) is entitled Cocoa Bean Artwork and was commissioned by Inacio Ribeiro for Cacharel. The artwork is made from cut paper and was used as a template for print designs for the brand’s 2006 women’s wear collection.

The clown artwork – ink and acrylics on paper – is part of a new series by Börner, aiming to portray ‘true laughter’. The series is inspired by Paul Ekman and Wallace Friesen’s Facial Action Coding System. It was created using inks and acylics on paper.

Both original pieces are signed by the artist.

If you fancy the clown, have a go at getting your hands on him here.

If the beans are more your thing, they’re available to bid on here.

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