CR for CR: What our readers are doing

Here’s our first post sharing news of what some of CR’s readers have been up to help raise money for Comic Relief. We’re sure loads more of you are doing something funny for money too, and we want to hear about it…


Here’s our first post about what CR’s readers have been doing to raise money for Comic Relief. We’re sure loads more of you are doing something funny for money too, and we want to hear about it, so we can feature your fundraising on the blog. Let us know what you’re up to by leaving a comment or emailing

First up, over at the University of Wales, Interactive Media student Gary Smith has created what he describes as a Chaos Engine (shown below), set to track the movements of anything red. He’s attached a red nose to it, and records the movements of this (when it’s physically swung by someone) to generate data visualisations (there’s one shown above). Smith is then selling these as prints, with proceeds going to Comic Relief.

Nick Hilditch has been randomly illustrating unsuspecting people’s tweets for the past year. To celebrate hitting the anniversary of irkafirka, as the process is known (the name means ‘doodle’ in Hungarian), he and partner-in-crime Chris Bell decided to ask for donations to Comic Relief for what they termed ‘#firknoseday’. Anyone on Twitter donating money would be added to a ‘watchlist’, and be in with the chance of having a tweet illustrated. The pair asked followers to spread the word by tweeting this:

“I want a good firking on Friday 11th March, so I sponsored @irkafirka #FirkNoseDay”

With the resulting illustrations looking something like this:


As indicated above, the original #FirkNoseDay was due to take place solely on Friday 11 March (the anniversary of irkafirka), but due to the level of response and the potential of more money to be raised, #FirkNoseDay has turned into #FirkNoseWeek, with Hilditch and Bell extending the offering through to Red Nose Day itself.


Other CR readers helping raise money include Matt Glen, who is making and selling badges (above). The Scottish Words site, a website that illustrates Scottish words, is doing its bit by lending this week’s cartoons a Comic Relief theme and asking for donations in return. And Helen and Lori, proprietors of Tenderfoot Gifts, are handing over the proceeds of their monster-themed kids’ workshops.

Unloveable Steve is running an egalitarian sweepstake in response to #twitrelief. Entry’s a reasonable £1, and the winner will win a follow from Steve, which he promises to fulfil even in the unfortunate accident of his own death. Staying with Twit Relief, for those with a bigger budget, this lady will cut short her hitchhiking trip to Switzerland to not only follow you on Twitter, but also follow you around a London supermarket of your choice.

Remember, let us know what you’re up to for Red Nose Day as we want to feature as many fundraising efforts by our readers as we can this week.

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