CR Jan 16: The Music Issue

Featuring Róisín Murphy, Block9, the new wave of music magazines for women and our record sleeves of the year, it’s the CR Music Issue

Our January issue explores the people, ideas and innovations that are changing the world of music and its use in the creative industries.

Stuart Dredge on the streaming wars
Stuart Dredge on the streaming wars

Is it all about curation? Linking fans and bands? Or cold hard data? Stuart Dredge analyses the world of streaming music services and assesses who is best placed to come out on top

Free pitching, over-supply and increased competition are contributing to a growing sense of crisis among composers of music for advertising. Massive Music’s Paul Reynolds offers some suggestions for the future restoration of harmony.


In an in-depth interview with CR’s Mark Sinclair, designer Jonathan Barnbrook talks us through his latest collaboration with David Bowie and reflects on what designing for music means in 2016

Battles, Björk and Blur: Rachael Steven chooses the best record sleeve designs of 2015
RoisinEliza Williams talks to the brilliant Róisín Murphy about the artist’s role in the construction of her ever-changing image, directing her own music videos and taking control

Combining set design, cutting-edge technology, sound, light and performance, Block9 create extraordinary multi-sensory experiences at Glastonbury and beyond. Antonia Wilson meets founders Stephen Gallagher and Gideon Berger

Mark Sinclair on Tom Tom and She Shreds, the US music magazines that are specifically targeting women drummers and guitarists.

FargoEliza Williams talks to Jeff Russo, composer for the Fargo TV series, about the role of music in enhancing the narrative.

Jean Grogan reports from this year’s Paris Photo fair and its response to the terrorist attacks on the city.

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Stella Artois gives New York and Buenos Aires a starry sky for Christmas

There are many upsides to city life, but one of the downsides is the impossibility of seeing the stars – light pollution has put paid to our chances of that. So, for the holiday season in New York and Buenos Aires, Stella Artois has created an installation that brings the stars back to the city, for a brief period at least.

Record sleeves of the year: Nominate your favourites

Our January 2016 issue is a music special and includes a round-up of our favourite record sleeves from 2015. We’ll also be publishing a selection voted for by our readers. Here’s how to submit your nominations

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