CR June issue

Logo design trends, Astrid Stavro, advertising and typography and a look at the rarely seen but beautifully art directed 60s magazine London Life – all in the June issue of CR

The latest trends in logo design from LogoLounge, a look at the rarely seen but beautifully art directed 60s scenester magazine London Life and the chance to win a set of three Wilfrid Wood figures – all in the June issue of CR

The cover for this issue was designed by Astrid Stavro whose Barcelona-based studio is also featured within. For the cover, she had the content list of the magazine engraved on a series of plastic signs which were shot by Mauricio Salinas.

Also in the issue:

Carter Wong takes a utilitarian approach to Cafédirect’s new packaging

It was the magazine of Swinging London, put together by a ‘dream team’ of editorial talent that included David Hillman and David (now Lord) Puttnam… but why did London Life die so young?

Typographer Craig Ward pleads the case for the use of more adventurous typography in advertising

Mosaic, Doily, Varidot and PhotoFill: it’s the annual LogoLounge report on the latest trends in logo design

Studio8’s Matt Willey reports on a talk by Wired art director Scott Dadich for the Editorial Design Organisation

David Crowley on the use of graphic design in musical notation

Plus, for this month’s Gallery prize, we have a set of three Wilfrid Wood figures up for grabs

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