A new sticker book celebrates craft beer labels

The Craft Beer Sticker Book brings together some of the best label designs from breweries around the world

The craft beer industry has become known in recent years for its playful branding and eye-catching packaging, which has led to more mainstream companies having to up their game in order to stand out on the supermarket shelves.

This trend is the subject of the latest in independent publisher Soi Books’ highly successful Stickerbomb series. Created by the founders Shaz Hassan and Ryo Sanada, the Craft Beer Sticker Book features 300 fully peelable stickers for lovers of beer, art, and design to enjoy.

From clean, pared-back designs to bright, bold illustrations, the book features a diverse selection of beer label artwork that has been gathered from 38 craft breweries.

Among the featured breweries are Amundsen in Norway, Verdant in the UK, Pirate Republic in the Bahamas, and Reubens in the USA. Each of these breweries shares their background story and designs with readers.

Highlights include an interview with Japas Cevejaria, a brewery founded in Brazil by a small group of passionate women with Japanese heritage; a look at Botswana’s first licensed microbrewery, Okavango, which was established in 2019 and has already won several awards; and a talk with renowned Danish brewery To-øl, which uses Spotify playlists as part of its branding.

Alongside these profiles are several interviews with leading designers in the craft beer space, who offer great insights into the art of brewing and the marketing of the final product, as well as general thoughts on the industry itself.

The Craft Beer Sticker Book is out now; soibooks.com