Craig & Karl illustrate animal-packed Sticker Art books for the Natural History Museum

Combining a few of our favourite things – walruses, stickers, and dynamic illustrations styles – a series of new books illustrated by transatlantic duo Craig & Karl ticks a lot of boxes.

The Sticker Art paperbacks series is published in collaboration with the Natural History Museum, and comprises Ocean, Jungle, Woodland and Savannah. Ostensibly aimed at younger children (we’d wager their appeal to be far wider), the books feature eight different animals each, and encourage readers to create their own sticker-by-number animal portraits using Craig & Karl’s illustrations as a guideline.

The bold, blocky style typical of Craig & Karl’s work is perfectly suited to the task, and will surely delight yummy mummies and cool dads as well as their creative offspring.

As well as the portraits and stickers, each animal in the book is accompanied with some fun and informative facts. We’ve certainly learned a lot: who knew that squirrel monkeys have excellent colour vision, all the better to find fruit with? Or that turtles are the “gardeners of the sea,” using their beaks to trim sea grasses?

The Sticker Art series is published by Francis Lincoln Children’s Books, with each in the series priced at £4.99 each