Ask Anna: How can I switch to a creative career?

On this edition of Ask Anna, our agony aunt Anna Higgs offers a reader advice on switching to a creative career later in life, and how to look for transferable skills

Dear Anna,

Due to our family sportswear business closing down, I’ve recently rekindled my schoolboy ambitions of going into the creative industries, with the intention of moving into product design.

But I don’t have any relevant qualifications and next to no experience, just a head full of dreams. Is there any hope for me?


Dear Tarkan,

This is a great question, because I don’t think enough of us think about new or different paths we might take, and it gets harder the further down one avenue we go. Rekindling early ambitions brings two things to the fore for me. Firstly, that you’re bravely looking at a new potential route through life. Secondly, it shows that your passion for working in the creative industries has held strong all this time, which is a good indicator of how much you’d put into this new route.