Creative Director Anna Bergfors on life (and work) after gender transition

Anna Bergfors was born Mat Cook, living and working under that name until transitioning in 2017. We talk to her about the recent changes in her life, her work and her hopes for the future

As Mat Cook, Anna Bergfors helped establish Intro as one of the foremost creative agencies in London. In particular, her work for music clients such as Depeche Mode and The Prodigy made her one of the most sought-after art directors in the industry. But although she was christened Mat, Anna says she always knew she was female. In 2017, fearing that if she did not make the transition “I would have wasted my life and lived a hollow lie”, Mat underwent surgery and became Anna. She is now married to photographer Edith Bergfors, with whom she runs creative collective Studio Bergfors, alongside her work for Intro