Creative Handbook opens its doors

We’re opening up the Creative Handbook website to offer free profiles to all creative professionals


Following the positive reception the Creative Review site enjoyed following its re-launch last year, we’ve decided to make some drastic changes to the way, the directory website for the CR-owned Creative Handbook, works too.

Sometime in the spring we’ll be re-launching the site. But before that time comes we’ve opened the site up so that any professional creative can now add a profile and work samples. Up until yesterday there was a flat annual fee for this uploading of work, but from now until the re-launch we’re waiving this fee in favour of getting the site populated with as much work as possible.

For anyone unfamiliar with the site, it’s split into 10 main categories (including Photography, Illustration, Design & Advertising and Commercials), which are further divided by sub-categories (eg Web & Multimedia under design and advertising).

The spring re-launch will see some changes to the layout of the website, but the main change will be in the way we make money from it. All new registrations will remain free from now on, but we will track the amount of views profiles and work receive, and once a reasonable threshold has been reached (long enough hopefully for those listed to have the benefits of maintaining a profile proved to them), profile-holders will be asked whether they wish to remain on the site. If so they can pay a fee to remain on the site without limitations for a further year.

If you’re already registered, your account has been automatically upgraded so you’ll notice the changes the next time you log in. If you’re not registered but are interested in taking advantage of the couple of month’s grace now available, go here and follow the on-screen instructions.

There are a few important pointers to bear in mind before the re-launch:

For the best performance on the site, remember to tag your images with appropriate keywords.

Also, the audio/video option for work is unavailable currently to anyone without a account, but this will alter with the re-launch, enabling embedding of content from YouTube or Vimeo much like the Feed section of the CR site does at the moment.

Finally, please note that until the re-launch, if you register you won’t be able to edit your images once they’re uploaded, so please ensure you follow the specs on the site precisely, otherwise I’ll end up having a nervous breakdown as a result of trying to respond to all the people asking to amend their profiles on top of trying to ensure the re-launch runs smoothly.

As with the main site, all the design and development work is being undertaken by Bureau for Visual Affairs.

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