What do creative job titles really mean?

CR looks into the blurry nature of job titles and roles, whether new talent understands what’s expected of them, and asks if being credited for work has become more difficult

Job titles in theory should give us direction, an idea of what we’re responsible for and a path to follow. But these days traditional job titles typically undersell what a person is really responsible for.

“While job titles have largely remained consistent, what has changed is the responsibilities associated with each,” says Joe Cooper, head of digital at Represent, a recruitment agency that specialises in design roles. “These can vary wildly business to business, studio to studio. Right now, the trend leans towards multidisciplinary candidates, something that’s both ambiguous and exciting, offering opportunities that the creative industry of a few years ago might not.”

Cooper says global events such as Covid have meant the margins between disciplines, whether that’s UI/XI and motion design or even branding design, graphic design and art direction, have narrowed dramatically. “Graphic designers are expected to adapt their work to digital mediums, while motion designers need to integrate branding sensibilities into their work, going beyond mere execution,” he notes.

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