Creative Leaders 50: Innovation in tech

CR has just released its Creative Leaders 50 list, celebrating those we believe are driving change through creativity. Here we highlight those on the list who are using creative thinking in technology

As we all know, technology is changing our world. On our list of Creative Leaders 50 this year, which is created by CR in partnership with Workfront, we aim to celebrate those individuals who are using technology in exciting, innovative ways to help make our lives smoother, more thoughtful, or more fun.

Those on our list come from a mix of major, globally famous companies and smaller teams who are innovating from the ground up, in clever, often artistic ways. You can read more on their work below:

Colin Burns, Chief Design Officer at BBC Design & Engineering Colin Burns leads the User Experience & Design team that is responsible for the UX and Service Design of the BBC’s key online products and the delivery systems that underpin them. Throughout his career, his work has focused on the use of design thinking to provide organisations with design, innovation and transformation strategies.

Colin Burns, image source

David Sheldon-Hicks, Co-founder and ECD at Territory Studio With a background in graphic design, Sheldon-Hicks’ career began in digital media before moving on to the world of music videos, where his passion for the craft and creative of motion graphics led him to film, games and commercial campaigns. As Co-founder and Executive Creative Director of Territory Studio, he has established a reputation for beautifully crafted, design-led graphic narratives across genres and media.

David Sheldon-Hicks

Anita Fontaine & Geoffrey Lillemon, Department of New Realities at Wieden + Kennedy Amsterdam Anita Fontaine and Geoffrey Lillemon are Creative Directors at the Department of New Realities, a venture born within Wieden + Kennedy Amsterdam in order to develop new and innovative experiences for clients and consumers. The duo mix new technologies including VR and AR with artistic, theatrical and gaming approaches to create vibrant and unexpected new worlds for audiences to explore.

Anita Fontaine & Geoffrey Lillemon

Harriet Devoy Creative Director, Design, Marketing Communications at Apple Harriet Devoy has spent over a decade at the creative helm of the European Marketing Communications Group at Apple, a team that delivers work across multiple markets in Europe. As well as leading the in-house creative team, she’s an active member of the Women at Apple Group and a mentor to many people across the wider European organisation with an emphasis on encouraging women to rise into leadership roles.

Harriet Devoy

Francesca Panetta, Executive Editor, Virtual Reality at The Guardian An multi-award winning digital artist and journalist, Panetta has lead immersive innovation at the Guardian for the last 10 years. She currently runs the Guardian’s in-house virtual reality production studio, dedicated to creating groundbreaking content. The studio’s first VR project – a virtual experience of solitary confinement – won attention around the world as an exemplary case of story and form.

Francesca Panetta

Alex Klein, Co-founder and CEO of Kano Kano was born out of a challenge from Alex Klein’s six-year-old cousin to create a DIY computer – one that was as fun and simple as Lego. The London-based company hopes to demystify physical computing with DIY kits and software that allow users to make and code devices and share their creations. It has shipped more than 250,000 products – including computer, radio and camera kits – to children and adults in 150 countries.

Alex Klein

Mills, Co-founder of ustwo Matt ‘Mills’ Miller founded digital product design studio ustwo with John Sinclair in 2004. In the 14 years since, ustwo expanded to include an independent games studio and ustwo adventure: a startup fund and incubator that supports early stage startups and digital companies. The company’s driving ethos is to create meaningful products and services.