On the weird joy of newsletters

Our design correspondent expounds on the pleasures of the quirky email newsletters that offer intriguing and often unexpected insights into the creative mind

Illustration: Daniel Benneworth-Gray

How many newsletters are you subscribed to? My answer would be too many … and not enough. Is it possible to be addicted to emails? Not the corporate hard-sell type but the ones from individual creatives, people who simply have to capture whatever’s buzzing around their minds and fingers and shove it into people’s mail. 

I’m a serial subscriber – anyone with anything even slightly interesting to say, you have my attention. Distract me all you like with your streams of consciousness and hyperlinks, my deadlines can wait.

I find newsletters more contained and focused than the relentless algorithmic tombola of social media, but there’s still a comforting chaos to them; irregularity reminiscent of the wild west nature of the web back in the early days of blogging. Remember when everything was weird? Different voices approaching work from different angles, new ways of thinking and making.