The creative opportunities of the metaverse

Everyone is talking about the metaverse, but what opportunities does it really hold for creatives and designers? John Cassy of immersive content studio Factory 42 offers some advice on how to get involved

It was the most widely discussed and debated rebrand of last year and came with more than a few memes. But one thing was not in doubt: Facebook’s name change to Meta was the moment the metaverse went mainstream.

Originally a concept from a science fiction novel, the metaverse has become a catch-all phrase for the shake-up the creative industries are experiencing due to the technological advancements in computing that are blurring the lines between games, film and live production.

The exact definition of the metaverse is a source of debate, but for the purposes of this piece imagine the metaverse as continuous and persistent virtual spaces in which users are free to explore, create, and interact with the environment and each other. A kind of digital theme park for the 21st century, if you will. And it is opening up extraordinary creative and commercial opportunities.