The Creative Review Humour Issue is out now!

The latest issue of Creative Review is devoted to comedic creativity and giving you a laugh in our challenging times. We talk to the creatives and performers who are helping to shape what makes us chuckle today

As you will no doubt be all too aware, the world is not a very funny place at the moment. But that seems all the more reason for us to turn our attention to humour and explore what is making us laugh these days, and why.

Creative Review’s February/March 2021 issue is dedicated to keeping us laughing in lockdown, and looks at the performers, writers, illustrators, directors and photographers that are finding humour in our everyday lives and our torrid political landscape.

While stand-up comedy has inevitably suffered through the lockdowns and restrictions wrought by the coronavirus pandemic, there is no shortage of jollies to be found online or on channels such as TikTok. In fact, we are witnessing a wave of comedians emerging as new voices find opportunities to reach audiences directly, bypassing the traditional gatekeepers of the industry.

One of these is Munya Chawawa, who has amassed a huge audience on YouTube and social media, via a range of comical characters he’s created to reflect on modern life and politics. We talk to Chawawa about his career to date and what advice he would give to other comedy writers and performers. We also look at the growing popularity of webcomics, and interview three cartoonists who have seen their stars rise online.

Comedy on TV is also experiencing a boom time, as networks and streaming channels alike are using both new talent and classic comedy series to attract audiences. We look at the way streaming channels and social media are using comedy to attract audiences and offer opportunities to new voices.

The issue also interviews three photographers who are finding comedy moments in the street, as well as political satirist Morten Morland, who has created cartoons for the likes of the Spectator and the Times for almost two decades. Plus we also examine how luxury fashion houses have finally discovered their funny side.

The Humour Issue also contains texts from our usual line-up of columnists, including Tanya Livesey, Anna Higgs, Ben Kay, Patrick Burgoyne, and Daniel Benneworth-Gray, who all offer their insights on the landscape of creativity in 2021.

As life continues to be challenging, we could all do with a good chuckle right now. Hopefully, the Humour Issue might help everyone to keep smiling through the gloom.

The Humour Issue is available to buy now