Creative Review Illustration Annual: Feed winners

The winners of a competition to gain a free submission spot into Creative Review’s inaugural Illustration Annual…

We offered you the chance to win a free entry into Creative Review’s inaugural Illustration Annual by modifying a template of the new logo in your own style. And many of you responded with a generally high standard of submission.

CR’s Art Director Paul Pensom has chosen his five favourite entries, all of whom, as well as gaining that important free entry into this year’s Illustration Annual (which will be published with the July issue of Creative Review), will have their adaptations of the logo featured on our promotional posters.

Thanks to everyone who put in the time and effort to enter. We enjoyed seeing all of your interpretations. Here are the five winning entries:

David Janes’ ‘Bees’

Laura Barnard’s ‘Buildings’

Adriana Muñoz’s ‘Splashtactile’

Owen Morgs’ card and carpet entry

Ben Neale’s line drawings


We also liked this inventive submission from Abi Daker, but as it’s a complete picture incorporating the logo rather than the logo itself, we’re unable to use it for our poster. As with the winning entries though, we are pleased to offer Abi a free submission.

If you’re interested in entering a piece or a series for the Illustration Annual, full details, including information on the categories and our judging panel, can be found on this dedicated area of the site. A single entry costs just £40 and a series of up to five related illustrations only £70.

If you would like to know more, please contact Jon Cockley on +44 (0)207 943 8093. Enquiries from agencies as well as individual illustrators are welcome.


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