Creative Review® Launches Bold New Brand Identity

Creative Review® unveils its new brand identity which will advance our positioning across media platforms


Creative Review® unveils its new brand identity which will advance our positioning across media platforms.

Following a universal brand audit instigated in the wake of an immersion expedition led by a cohort of leading brand ideators, we engaged in a thoroughgoing knowledge accumulation programme to facilitate blue-sky thinking and empower Creative Review® in the vanguard of world class best practice in thought-leadership. The following brand muscles were established: innovative, dynamic, square-shaped.

The compelling brand truth uncovered has been articulated in this brand statement: “Creative Review®: Leading ideation infonauts in a media neutral world”.

The word ‘infonauts’ is an invented one, stumbled upon in our brainstorming sessions through the expression of our core values of being an “information” provider for the creative industries boldly going to the outer limits of the new frontiers of media distribution networks in a web 2.0 world.

In a bold break with tradition our new wordmark features simplified and solid lowercase letterforms that are friendly and approachable. It has been crafted in bespoke font CRArial®ounded. Our branding agency conducted extensive research necessitating many days of highly specialised tyPoMetric© analysis before unearthing this rarely-seen vintage typeface that creates a unique visual tone of voice for the brand.

Our unique 3D marque – which we have christened the MaRble® – employs premium cues including the addition of vitreous accents denoting excellence and quality, deep hues, and a glazed lustre with an updated color palette and increased contrast. Its interconnected, dynamic graphic devices leverage CR®’s position as the epicentric enabler of an innovation matrix creating compelling brand equity.

Creative Review® editor – or Executive Infonaut as he will now be known – Patrick Burgoyne comments “Our new brand identity ecosystem positions Creative Review® as a forward-thinking, infoneering thought-leader in the digital and paper-based knowledge distribution sectors. In engineering a brand architecture founded on compelling brand truths I have no doubt that our £500,000 budget has been wisely spent.”

NB: Although the thought engineering that underpins our new brand identity is our own we must acknowledge the assistance of the world’s leading branding agencies from which the above phrases and terminology were sourced

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