Why are digital products so complicated?

The latest edition of CR’s new podcast, Creativity Sucks!, takes a look at the world of apps and digital design with the help of three expert guests

Creativity Sucks! podcast

Digital apps and products are essential to our lives now – whether it’s how we do banking, socialise, or entertain ourselves.

Yet sometimes getting what you want from them can be really hard work. So for this latest edition of Creativity Sucks! – CR’s new podcast series that examines some of the challenges and annoyances of the commercial creative industry and how to fix them – we take a look at the world of app design.

Hosted by CR’s editor, Eliza Williams, we bring together a panel of experts, including Simon Beckerman, the founder behind Depop and most recently the food and drink app Delli; James Greenfield, co-founder and CEO of branding agency Koto; and writer and strategist Lore Oxford.

Together they discuss what good looks like in design; how this can be achieved by brands and companies; and why these digital products so often fall short of our hopes and expectations.

Listen to the episode below, or wherever you usually receive your podcasts.