Creative Review’s podcast looks at pitching

The latest episode of Creativity Sucks! is taking on the contentious issue of pitching in the advertising and design industries

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Pitching for work is standard practice in the advertising and design industries, and offers an opportunity for both clients and agencies to get to know each other and understand what it would be like to work together.

It can prove controversial though, with wide industry variations on the amount of work required for a pitch, the payment – if any – that is involved for this work, and how feedback is shared. Pitching is a subject that’s come up a lot in various episodes of Creativity Sucks! so far, often in pretty negative ways. So we felt it needed it’s own episode, to get to the bottom of what is happening in the industry and whether it could – or should – be changed.

Chris Newell, Abba Newbery, and Felipe Rocha

This episode is hosted as usual by CR’s editor, Eliza Williams, who is joined by three guests: Felipe Rocha, co-founder of design studio Porto Rocha, based in New York, who recently launched the petition No Free Pitches; Abba Newbery, who has previously been chief marketing officer at Habito and Circa5000; and Chris Newell, creative partner at ad agency Syn, based in Leeds.

They share their experiences of pitching from both sides of the client-agency fence, plus offer some suggestions for positive changes that can be made. You can listen to the episode below, or wherever you get your podcasts, and can also revisit all the previous episodes of Creativity Sucks! here.