Creative Review presents Joining Forces

The images produced by in-demand imagemakers (including James Joyce, Emily Forgot and Seb Lester) in collaboration with leading CGI studios, for our Joining Forces feature in the current (June) issue are now on show at the Concrete Hermit gallery in London’s Shoreditch

As subscribers to Creative Review magazine will know if they’ve seen the Joining Forces feature the June issue, we commissioned six new collaborative artworks by teaming up each of six in-demand imagemakers with a leading CGI studio. With the support of Concrete Hermit in London’s Shoreditch, we decided to exhibit the images as beautifully framed A1 Giclée prints through the month of June. We launched the show last night, inviting all the folk who had worked on the images to come down for a cold beer…

Joining Forces features the work of artists James Joyce, Emily Forgot, Seb Lester, Von, Andy Gilmore, and Solomon Vaughan – and also the CGI studios Taylor James, TIGERX, Happy Finish, The 3D Agency, Saddington & Baynes and Recom Farmhouse. The show runs until June 30 at Concrete Hermit, 5a Club Row, London E1 6JX.

Creative Review would like to thank all the artists and CGI studios involved in this exhibition for all their hard work. Thank you also to Fedrigoni UK (paper), Roy Richards (framing), Ian Stanton at Onward Display, and also to Chris and Charlie at Concrete Hermit, whose support enabled us to put on the exhibition. Thank you.

Over the next few days we will be showing each of the six exhibited works here on the blog along with some work in progress images supplied by the artist and or the CGI studio along with some insight to the collaborative process. First up is the image created by Seb Lester and TIGERX (final image shown above, work in progress images below)…

“I really liked the idea of some kind of clever typographic idea forming the basis of the piece so I started thinking about ambigrams and showed TigerX a variety of ideas,” says Seb Lester. “We settled on one that reads ‘Create/Review’ and agreed it would also be great if the environment worked both ways up too. We talked about various treatments and I gave some input on their interpretation. Once the idea was established, and I saw their first rough, I was happy to let them get on with it and I think they’ve done a great job.”

“To create the image, every member of the TIGERX team created some 3D ‘junk’ which was stitched together to form the letters,” explains TIGERX’s Dougie Cross. “Several versions of lighting were trialled, with options on daylight reflecting dusk shots, and various backdrops. We eventually settled on the same lighting conditions above and below, making the image itself a ‘true’ ambigram (save for the seagull). The whole team held crit sessions almost daily as we refined the concept and the feel, which was relayed to Seb, resulting in an in-house competition for the last round of post work. The final image was created in 3DS Max, rendered with Vray and post produced in Photoshop and Fusion.”


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