Daniel Bergmann started his career in the Prague art world, working with new artists. After moving to the US, he began to organise art-related events which eventually led into producing music videos.

In 1998, he founded the commercials production company Stink. In the almost two decades since, the advertising and film industries have witnessed enormous change as digital technology has overhauled both the processes for making work, and the ways that it is received by audiences. While other production companies faltered as the internet took hold, Stink has flourished, becoming truly global, with offices across the US, Europe, South America and Asia.

Samsung 'Greater Than I’
Samsung ‘Greater Than I’

The company is widely regarded for its impeccable filmmaking across commercials, music videos, and short film, but since 2009 it has also been at the forefront of digital production with its sister operation, Stinkdigital.

Stinkdigital for Spotify
Stinkdigital for Spotify

The meeting of top class film production – which remains Stink’s bread and butter – with the creative thinking of Stinkdigital has seen the Stink network set the bar high for what a modern production company is – and should be – capable of.

stink.co; stinkdigital.com