When Naresh Ramchandani joined Pentagram as a Partner in its London office in 2010 it seemed like an intriguing addition to the design studio. Ramchandani is a writer but, more than that, he is a writer from an advertising background. But such an unconventional move is consistent with Ramchandani’s career. His first job was as a copywriter at HHCL, the agency that introduced a blast of creativity into 1990s advertising with campaigns for Tango, Maxell cassettes, and Ronseal. With his partner Dave Buonaguidi, he left HHCL for the London office of Chiat/Day before the pair were part of the founding team at St Luke’s and then, in 2000, Karmarama. At each agency, the pair encouraged innovation, both in terms of structure and personnel. After leaving Karmarama in 2005, he set up environmental charity Dothegreenthing, with Andy Hobsbawm in 2007, which he continues to run alongside his Pentagram work.