How can creatives keep their heads during Coronavirus?

Copywriter Ellen Ling shares her thoughts on how to stay sane while WFH, and why the pandemic could prompt the creative industry to rethink the way it works

Working from home is a new reality for many of us, and it brings a fresh set of challenges – particularly in the context of the Covid-19 pandemic. Gone are the familiar bus routes and coffee shops that form part of our daily routines, replaced by the prospect of staying indoors for the foreseeable future. Even for well-seasoned work-from-homers, like copywriter Ellen Ling, the future feels intimidating.

“I’m a bit daunted,” she told CR. “Even though I’m used to working from home, and I’m lucky that I have a clear set up, I’m daunted at having my flexibility and options removed, because now I don’t have a choice but to be on my tod.”

In the past, Ling – who’s also the founder of Blag Blog – says she mixed up days spent at various creative agencies with time working from home, but like many other creatives in the UK she’s now facing an extended period behind closed doors. There’s no shortage of places to turn to for advice on working from home, and while some of these words of wisdom still ring true – getting up and getting dressed, not working from bed, and making sure to get some exercise – there are others that don’t fit into the current Coronavirus context.